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Lottery Icon Predicted 6 Winning Numbers Yesterday

Lottery Icon is the best lottery book, hands down.

I gave our readers 4 winning lottery numbers that are bound to win in a relatively short time.

The predictions produced no less than 6 winning numbers a few hours after the real winning numbers were released. One of the notable predictions would be 798 that played in Maryland straight.

That number would pay the bettors about $340 on $4 spent per the instructions in the article.

You can read more on the predictions by clicking the link below.

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Lottery Icon book methods were applied to produce the winning predictions.

More winnings are bound to drop.

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Lottery Icon

Four Lottery Winnings in Four Days

You can only truly enjoy that many winnings when you have the best tools in your hand.

Lottery Icon is the best of the best.

It produces similar results in nearly every lotto market.

Lottery Icon produced four winning numbers in a period of four days in the Maryland lottery. That level of success is unheard of from all the so called experts out there with their lottery books.

Maryland lottery’s recent trend produced winning pick 3 numbers 618, 437, and 739. The three winning numbers played consecutively in a span of two days, and the fourth played parlay with 323.

All four winning Pick 3 numbers dropped within the first week of March 2016 from Lottery Icon.

You will find the winning numbers in Chapter 6, Process 33, columns G, H and I (page 172) paperback.

The difference between Lottery Icon and other lottery books is that you can go to the above chapter and actually check the winnings numbers against the ones in the book.

The numbers are playing in conjunction with the methods outlined in the book.

I received numerous thank you emails from readers who followed the instructions and won. Some have won several times.

I also got a few emails from people looking for a quick fix.

Study Lottery Icon and start enjoying winnings.

The Best Lottery Book on the planet is without question,

Lottery Icon.

Prediction Won Same Day See Next Winners

You Deserve a Win!
It is obvious that some of our readers missed the last windfall.
The last article shows you that all the winning numbers we predicted one month earlier won. The numbers played in several states. They did in less than half the time.
We made the next set of predictions for this month using the same winning methods.
The money is there for you to grab.
The efficacy is superb.
The readers that are not aware of the reasons why we produce the best lottery books might look at the last predictions we made.
One of the winning numbers played the same day. That number is 462 that played in just a few hours from the time we made the call. You can take a look at Tennessee lottery to confirm it. The pick 3 number played straight.
This pays about $500 for every $1 bet.
You cannot find this type of opportunity outside of the best lottery books.
Read the last article and start playing the other winning numbers or watch them drop.
The huge potential payout is worth it.
The best lottery books are the way to go.
You can now get a copy of the high demand new book from us titled,
Keno Lottery Book.
Go win some money.
It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint.

All Forecasts Won See New Predictions

You Deserve a Win!
We made predictions for all of our readers titles,
Best lottery books pick for this month.

We stand by the title whole heartedly because we know the efficacy of our methods. The best lottery books is second to none.
All the predictions we made played in just about one week. We do hope you followed us and made some money as well.
The predictions were made on 9/2/2012. Florida state lottery played 560 on 9/5/2012 and 111 on 9/7/2012. That would be less than one week for both winning Cash 3 numbers from the prediction.
Louisiana State lottery fans won with 374 on 9/5/2012. You don’t need anybody to tell you at this point that the predictions are superb. The 374 played straight just like the triple for Florida. In each of the cases the predictions would have netted about $500 for each $1 bet.
That is a lot of money. You did not even pay for the forecasts.
You might think at this point that they would pause. That of course was not in our calculations. The trend produced consistent winning numbers as long as the calculations are right.
This is precisely why people who bought the best lottery books win consistently. One verified reader won about $4000 within a space of two months.
Texas lottery fans won with the 065 on 9/6/2012. That would be one day from the date the same numbers won in Florida.
California state lottery fans won 112 on 9/5/2012 as well as the readers from Idaho that won the sane 112 on 9/12/2012.
Illinois State fans would not be left out. They won with 356 straight on 9/12/2012.
I am yet to mention all the other states that won.
The month is still young. The above predictions could still make good money for you.
The next predictions in place are 026, 126, 106 and 462.
You can join us and start winning or watch others enjoy the opportunities.
Best lottery Books will pour out the winning numbers for your local lottery market right in front of you. Give yourself the opportunity to win $4000 or more like the reader who did it with the book,
Lottery pal
You cannot find a better book with enormous advantage.

Best Lottery Books Picks For This Month

You Deserve a Win!
Best lottery books picks for this month will put money in your pocket. We gave some friends 308 for Maryland and 447 for Georgia pick 3 for the end of last month. The two winning numbers played within a span of two days.
You cannot underestimate the enormous opportunity from the best lottery books. We decided to extend the same generosity to our numerous fans all over the world.
We are doing the same by giving you the best picks for the month. The key to winning consistently is by doing manual lottery number calculations based on trends.
We examined the trends set to begin the month by looking at the current trends with Georgia, Maryland, Ohio and Florida lottery results.
The mere mention of the above states is the closest we can come at this point to being state specific.
You can get a lot more by going to the link below,

The winning numbers are good for your local lottery market.
Lottery winning numbers
The next big winners you should concentrate on are 374, 506, 211, 356 and 111.
The dinner is served my friends. You are invited to enjoy the course. You can either grab the opportunity and look forward to winning or stand by and watch others win.
The only requirement is to bring patience. Patience is the key to more consistent winnings.
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Powerball, Mega millions, Euro millions, Lotto Max Formula.
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Best Lottery Books Won Big Money Again

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Best lottery books won big money for the readers again.
You cannot find any lottery book in the market that will come close.
We will cede all the wild unproven claims to the competition while we crank out consistent winnings.
We worked out some winning pick 3 numbers today for the readers.
The calculation was based on current Maryland lottery numbers.
We correctly told our readers today that 132 was going to play.
The trend calculation showed the winning numbers as,
The 472 played as 274 followed by 095. Our calculations caught the winning number 132. You can read the first blog we wrote this morning.
Our unique manual lottery number trend calculations correctly predicted the 132 for our numerous readers.
We told you that the 132 will play.
DC lottery played 132 straight as predicted this morning.
We do precision forecasting.
The payout on the 132 is $500 for every $1 bet.
You can imagine how much more you could be winning with the best lottery books.

The fans from Maryland will be wondering if 132 is going to play in Maryland.
There are questions that, when properly answered, will always put huge money in your pocket.
The best lottery books answered all the questions you might have.
All you will need to do is follow the instructions.
A lot of fans are quietly winning.
You could be one of them.
Your first step to enjoying consistent winnings is by collecting the best lottery books.
You can start with,
Lottery Pro Player
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The readers who enjoy playing the lotto should type in the keyword Powerball on Amazon.
The top selling book will pop up with the black cover.
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The best lottery books will put the advantage of nearly forty years right in front of you.
It is high time you start winning.
The winning numbers in your lottery market are in the best lottery books.
The 132 that won today as predicted is one more proof that we are the best hands down.

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint.

Best Lottery Books And Best Lottery Winning Numbers

You deserve a Win!

Best lottery books and best lottery numbers is where to be.
The difference when it comes to our approach is clear.
We work out the winning numbers based on lottery number manual trend calculations.
There is no other way to enjoy enormous winnings.
The trend calculation could be worked out through reactive or proactive approach.
The two do offer you the opportunities to win.
The reactive approach look at prior results to establish other winning numbers based on the trends.
A look at the reactive approach through Maryland current pick 3 results will produce the following trend,
Maryland lottery played the above trend as,
The third winning pick 3 number that was supposed to play as 132 did not play. The pick 4 on the other hand played as 3152.
The real question then becomes,
Did the 3152 play in place of 132?
Is the 132 going to play and when?
The convenient answer to the former is NO though delving more into it is more complicated.
The complete answer to that is beyond the scope of this blog.
The answer to the latter is Yes.
The two competing interests with the former becomes when and where.
The second approach to getting consistent winning lottery numbers is by employing a proactive approach.
This approach is simply powerful.
You worked out winning numbers by creating trends and waiting for them ahead of the results.
You will be more than prepared to start winning once their numbers start playing the trend you have already created.
You can create the proactive trends based on any winning numbers of your choice.
The proactive approach will show you that the winning numbers you should consider playing from this point on are,
You can begin to play those or watch other fans laugh all the way to the bank.
The proactive approach is highly used in the best lottery books.
You can enjoy more consistent winnings by collecting the books below,
Lottery Pro Player
Lottery Pocket Book
and follow the link below,

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint