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Four Lottery Winnings in Four Days

You can only truly enjoy that many winnings when you have the best tools in your hand.

Lottery Icon is the best of the best.

It produces similar results in nearly every lotto market.

Lottery Icon produced four winning numbers in a period of four days in the Maryland lottery. That level of success is unheard of from all the so called experts out there with their lottery books.

Maryland lottery’s recent trend produced winning pick 3 numbers 618, 437, and 739. The three winning numbers played consecutively in a span of two days, and the fourth played parlay with 323.

All four winning Pick 3 numbers dropped within the first week of March 2016 from Lottery Icon.

You will find the winning numbers in Chapter 6, Process 33, columns G, H and I (page 172) paperback.

The difference between Lottery Icon and other lottery books is that you can go to the above chapter and actually check the winnings numbers against the ones in the book.

The numbers are playing in conjunction with the methods outlined in the book.

I received numerous thank you emails from readers who followed the instructions and won. Some have won several times.

I also got a few emails from people looking for a quick fix.

Study Lottery Icon and start enjoying winnings.

The Best Lottery Book on the planet is without question,

Lottery Icon.

Pick 3 Lottery Winning Formula

Win Pick 3 Lottery

The ultimate Pick 3 lottery formula is the one that can prove without any doubt that the system works like the ones you will find in the best lottery book today, ‘Lottery Icon”.
The winning methods outlined in Lottery Icon cannot be found in any other lottery book. There is no lottery book on the planet that will come close.
I have already received an email recently from a happy reader who won Arizona Pick 3 by following the methods in Lottery Icon. The reader applied the unique methods acquired before going through the rest of Chapter 2 of Lottery Icon.
I will give you actual proof of why Lottery Icon is the best lottery book out there.

Florida Cash 3
Florida Cash 3 has been playing from the methods outlined in Pro Table 5 of Lottery Icon.
Please go to page 87 of the paperback and verify for yourself.
Florida Cash 3 played 522 on 3/11/14 followed by 434 on 3/12/14.
Lottery Icon had the winning Cash 3 numbers 822 followed by 436. The methods in the book would have led you to the winning number 434.
Let us assume that you missed the winning Cash 3 number 434. It would have alerted you at a minimum that the trend is playing. Any scholar who studied the numbers would have won parlay on the 434 as described in Lottery Icon.
The big opportunity is around the corner.
The trend gave you ample opportunity to prepare.
Two days later Florida Cash 3 delivered as promised by the ultimate lottery book, Lottery Icon. The next winning Pick 3 numbers as worked out in the Lottery Icon trend on page 87 (paperback) are 763 and 138.
The fans with the e-book copy go to your respective pages.
Florida Cash 3 played 763 and 381 on 3/14/14.
Florida Cash 3 completed that trend by playing 991 on 3/15/14. The last winning pick 3 number in the Lottery Icon trend was 192 that would have made money for the readers who followed the instructions in the book.
With this one trend Florida fans would have won three out of five at a minimum.
Lottery Icon is capable of delivering consistent winning Pick 3 numbers in every market.
If you think that the above winning Florida Cash 3 numbers are impressive, go to pages 102 and 106 of Lottery Icon and take a look at the Unconventional Table 1 and Unconventional Table 2.
You will be amazed to see that one is playing the midday numbers and that the other one is playing the evening games. It doesn’t get better than that.
You will see the same efficacy in every lottery market. It does not matter which state or country you reside in.
Lottery Icon will deliver like no other.
The readers of this article that do not have their copies of Lottery Icon should get their copies right away in the electronic or paperback format.
Those fans with Lottery Icon continue smiling.
As for those who choose to wait, for now, please look out for the winning Lottery Icon numbers above and catch them when your state begins to play the trend.
You are likely going to come out ahead if you get your copy of lottery Icon sooner.
After all, I received an email from a reader who won before even finishing Chapter 2 of Lottery Icon.
It does not matter if you are betting on Texas lottery Pick 3, Pennsylvania Lottery Daily Number, Ohio Lottery Pick 3, or any other state lottery.
Get your copy of Lottery Icon now and start winning Pick 3 lottery.
Lottery Icon

Mega Millions and Powerball New Secret Formula

Win Powerball and Mega Millions

The average lotto player should know by now that the Mega Millions odds has increased to upwards of 258 million. This means that you need to go back to the drawing board.
You need the new ultimate secret to winning Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto Max, Euro Millions and every other lotto out there.
The secret is around you when you search for it. You do not need to look too far to find it.
Those who bought the #1 Amazon Best Seller in lottery books, Lottery Little Book, are aware of the efficacy of the methods.
You will find among other hidden methods, The Precision Board.
I will come back and touch on it before I finish this article.
Lottery Icon is the latest book that is superbly equipped to open the window on winning the lotto games.
Lottery Icon took the methods in Lottery Little Book to a level unheard of in lottery games.
You should always bet with winning methods.
For the readers who purchased Lottery Icon already follow the instructions thoroughly.
For those who are new in the game, go to page 168 of Lottery Icon.

You will see the following winning lotto numbers,
04, 28, 10 and the fourth winning lotto number.
In the current year Millions played winning lotto number 04 on 1/21/14 followed by 10 on 1/24/14 and winning number 28 on 1/28/14.
The same trend came back in February and played winning number 10 on 2/7/14 followed by 04 on 2/11/14 and 28 on 2/14/14. Take a look at the fourth winning lotto number in page 168.
You can see how the trend is playing in one Mega Millions result after the other.
You will be able to see the individual trends to capture six winning lotto numbers.
The more interesting point is that Mega Millions odds has increased to upwards of 258 million. This odd calculation is based on the total lotto numbers being 1 to 75.
If the required winning six numbers for the jackpot is reduced by one (1), the odds will go down by over 240 million.
Thank about that for one minute.
If the required 75 numbers in the pool is reduced to less than twenty regardless of what is being played the entire equation will page.
Lottery Icon will give you the tool to do just that.
Lottery Icon will help you capture consistent winning lotto numbers.
Lottery Icon is highly equipped to capture winning jackpot numbers in Mega Millions, Powerball, Lotto Max, Euro Millions and every other lotto game out there.
It is also your handbook for Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5 and more.
Lottery Little Book give the readers steady winning lotto numbers.
Go to page 53 of Lottery Little Book and look at Precision Board 9.
Powerball played the following winning numbers 9, 23 and 40 precisely as I had them on 7/27/13.
The next winning numbers per Precision Board 9 are 9, 19 and 32 that played on 8/28/13.
Take another look at the dates and see why it earned the Top name, Precision Board.
You think the above is impressive, wait until you read Lottery Icon.
The two winning lottery books, Lottery Little Book and Lottery Icon,

will not just grace your library but will help you capture the lotto jackpots.
Find out why ever serious lottery playing is collecting the two best lotto books.
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The Best Lottery Book

Best Selling Lottery Book

Best lottery book defies the antiquated theories out there. The best lottery book is one that is capable of challenging the convention.
You will not run short of people telling you that lottery is game of luck.
A lot of people seem to be fine with that because they heard enough people say the same thing. It is self perpetuating which is why many are not bothered when they lose money on lottery bets.
This is real hard earned money in most cases and should be treated as such.
The truth is that lottery is game of skill.
Lottery Icon set out to be the best lottery book ever written by anybody.
Lottery Icon turned every old outdated idea out of the window.
All lottery games can be won consistently including the lotto games regardless of the odds.
The lotto games are likely going to increase the odds which would not help more people win.
I will come back to how you can win lotto more often than most people could ever imagine to be possible.
Let me touch on recent winning Pick 3 number in Maryland that a lot of bettors did not see.
Maryland lottery started the year 2014 with simple Pick 3 numbers that many do not see nor have figured out how to make big money with it.
Maryland lottery played 380 (midday) on 1/1/2014 followed by 314 in the evening result of 1/1/2014.
Pay close attention please
If you subtract the evening winning Pick 3 number 314 from 380 (midday) you will be left with 66 or 066 in pick 3 lottery game.
The next day Maryland played 660 in the midday pick 3.
The 660 that played on 1/2/13 clearly is the difference between 380 and 314 that played one day earlier.
The 660 clearly shows the trend that is forming.
They have already subtracted to get the winning 066 for midday.
Your job will be to do the only simple thing that is left to complete the trend which would be to, of course, ADD.
You will simply do 380 plus 314 so that the sum will be 694.
Can you guess what played in the evening Maryland pick 3 result of 1/2/2014?
Yep, you guessed it right!
The game is simple yet many did not notice it.
This is where the best lottery book do come in.
Lottery Icon is the book that will teach you how to spot the endless opportunities.
You have similar opportunities every day.
You might have missed the last one.
You do not have to miss the next one.
One important tip why you should consider reading Lottery Icon.
If you develop the skill to turn every Pick 3 lottery result into similar trend that produced the above winning Pick 3 numbers 660 and 694.
What if you can spot these opportunities one month ahead?
Lottery Icon is best lottery book you will ever find.
Lottery Icon is the lottery book you need to read while you can.
Find out why everybody wants a copy of the best lottery book in the market.
Find out what separates it from every other lottery book out there.
Win Powerball, Mega Millions and every other lotto game.
You will notice that Mega Millions odds has jumped upwards of 259 million.
It does not matter what odd the lotto game in front of you is.
Lottery Icon defies every lotto odds logic.
There is a new paradigm shift in the world of lottery.
You may not have been winning the lotto for the simple reason that you along with many lotto players bet on the lotto numbers based on predefined ideas.
Those predefined ideas fall under what we call convention.
You work out winning lotto numbers just like your next door neighbor.
Most people get similar numbers and end up losing.
Lottery Icon turned the entire table upside down.
You will find information you have never come across.
You will master how to pick the winning lotto numbers consistent because you will be operating outside the walls.
Begin your journey to consistent lottery big money.
Get your copy of the best lottery book on the planet.
Lottery Icon
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Best Lottery Books

Minnesota Daily 3 Winning Numbers

You Deserve a Win!
Minnesota Daily 3 has the best odds out there in the lottery market. You have odds of winning as low as one in ten (1:10). That is unheard of in this day and age.
Manual lottery number calculations based on trends are what you need. You should be able to capture the winning numbers ahead of the crowd.
The best lottery books like,
Lottery Pal
Pick 3, Pick 4 Pro
Have the answer.
The best lottery book is second to none.
I will show you some proof unlike the so called experts out there that make all the big claims. They do not have anything to show for it. I do give winning numbers with actual analysis.
That is the reason why all the predictions I made came through via my website .
You can collect the best lottery books through the link below,
The readers of my books will highly benefit from playing Minnesota Daily 3 and other games.
Let us take a look at some Minnesota winning Daily 3 numbers that played not long ago.
Minnesota Daily 3 played 962 on 1/27/2013.
The trend skipped one day and came back with the winning MN Daily 3 number 528 that played on 1/29/2013. The one day that they skipped might have thrown the bettors who do not apply manual trend calculations off guard.
Their goal is not to make it very easy for you.
The third winning MN Daily 3 number that played was 801.
The three winning Daily 3 numbers 962, 528 and 801 played in less than one week. You could have won on the first and second digit. The bettors who played the back pair will lose.
The reason for that is that the third digit is not actually the number that should be there based on the trend. They are, however, components of the front and middle digits.
You should be able to know when they are altered and follow suit.
There are five winning numbers in this group. I have shown you the three that played already. I will give you the next winning two that are yet to come.
You may find out that the so called experts make claims and do not give you any proof that they understand how to work on the numbers.
The next Minnesota Daily 3 winning numbers based on the trend are 551 and 374. If and when one plays expect the other to play as well.
There is of course one important question I must table at this point.
Are they going to alter the third digits 1 and 7 or any of the other digits?
You should be able to recalculate and follow the trend if and when it is altered. You have at a minimum two digits of each of the two groups that will make good money for you.
The third winning digit is not difficult to get if you understand how they altered the last digits of the three that already played.
That discussion is beyond the scope of this article.
You should consider reading the best lottery books including ,
Lottery Pro Player
Lottery Pal
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How To Get Free $1000

You Deserve a Win!

The readers who followed my predictions stand to make this type of money. The predictions came at no cost.
There are numerous people who cannot wait to get their hands on my next article. The reason is simple. It works like no other.
You can check the efficacy of my methods by reading the article titled,
Best lottery Players
In that article, I wrote about how a particular trend played all the winning pick 3 numbers except 969. I told readers that 969 is going to play.
The winning number 959 was set to play from a different trend. The 959 was being pulled down by 711 that played a few days earlier.
I told the readers that 969 is going to play.
The two winning numbers played as I predicted.
You can read more on the article through the link below,
My method is second to none.
The new trend is set.
The pick 3 winning number 969 is going to repeat.
You can get consistent winning lottery numbers by collecting the best lottery books.
There is no better time to start winning more money.
You Deserve more than a free $1000.
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How to Win Caribbean Lottery

Winning Caribbean Lottery Methods

You Deserve a Win!
Jamaican Lottery
Super lotto, Pick 3 as well as other Jamaican lottery games can be won consistently if you know how to work out the winning numbers.
So many people think that winning is far from reach. A lot of people choose the numbers they bet on by every other means other than the real methods.
The key to consistent winning is to know how to pick the numbers based on manual lottery trend calculations.
You can either learn how to do the calculations manually or get the best lottery books.
There are very few of those in the market despite the fact that so many people out there claim to be experts and number 1.
If you look closely, you will notice that most of the people that make the big claims do not show anything to back it up. You can only find a handful of people worldwide that truly understand the methods.
Winning Jamaican Lottery
Let us take a look at one trend based on Jamaican lottery pick 3 numbers.
The trend started playing with number 907 on September 1, 2012 and repeated four days later on September 4, 2012.
The experts who understand manual number trend calculations will know right away that the rest of the group in the trend is bound to repeat as well.
The rest of this article will show you that trend in action as well as give you winning numbers to look forward to.
I can do this because numbers in every group move in tandem. They exhibit similar behavior. They do this precisely because of manual number trends calculations.
You must recall that September started playing the trend with winning pick 3 number 907 that repeated a few days later.
The next winning number in the group that played was 291 and 833 the same day. The two money makers played on September 12, 2012. Those two did precisely because they are in the same trend.
The next winning number in the group that played was 006 on September 18, 2012. The same number repeated as did 907 and the rest of the group would.
This is a precision prediction. I am capable of showing you what would happen unlike other so called experts.
Please pay close attention because there is more rich news around the corner.
You would think that the trend will take a break but it continued two days later with winning number 291 as a repeat to the one that played on September 12, 2012, Manual lottery number trends when calculated properly do not violate the trends.
Can you guess what happened next?
The winning number 342 repeated as well. It repeated the same day with 291 on September 26, 2012.
You may recall that the winning number 291 did the exact same thing with 833 on September 12, 2012.
The winning number that is left to complete the trend is 833.
I would expect you not to miss 833.
All of the numbers in the group are as follows,
907, 291, 338, 600 and 234.
You will notice that some of the numbers did not play straight.
There are unanswered questions at this point:
When do I play the numbers?
What should I expect before playing the numbers?
How do I get the entire groups straight and win the jackpot?
The best lottery books have the answers.
You deserve to win more than your share.
The best lottery books will keep you ahead.

Caribbean Super Lotto
Super Lotto is one of the best lotto games available today. You do not have to spend so much to win Super lotto.
The method here is different from the rest out there.
Most lotto games out there have jackpot winning odds of over one hundred and ninety million. Those astronomical odds could be reduced by over one hundred and ninety million by just eliminating one number from the entire group.
This means that the best way to work out the winning Super Lotto numbers is by picking the numbers based on columns.
The winning numbers in every column has direct relationship with prior winning number in that column.
Super lotto numbers must be worked out based on actual trends. The result is that the winning numbers will show in drawn order. You will then pick the numbers based on columns. This means that you are working out the numbers based on odds of 1:100 as against 1:195, 000, 000 in a lot of cases.
You can see the breakdown of the Powerball winning numbers. You will see actual proof of several numbers as they play right after each other.
You cannot get a better proof other that going through the most successful viral lottery book.
The beauty here is that you are not going to pay any money for it. The book is completely free.
It is about time you start winning the Super lotto.
The odds are so good. Go for this book and look forward to winning big money.
The book is titled,
Free lottery Book.
You can use the book for Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua, Anguilla and Barbuda, St Kitts and Nevis, St Maarteen and every lotto market in the world.
You can have the best lottery books to help you win Super lotto more consistently.

The Barbados Lottery
The Barbados pick 4 lottery game is among the ones that could put good money in your pocket. As I stated earlier the key to winning is by using lottery trends.
Once you understand lottery manual trend calculations or have the best lottery books you will be on your way to making the money.
You will be able to catch the winning numbers regardless of how they play the game. You will constantly be looking forward while the game is looking back.
You deserve to enjoy enormous winnings every week.
You have that opportunity by making use of the best lottery books.
Let us take a glance at the current trend and give you the next winning pick 4 numbers.
The current trend started by playing the pick 4 number 9677 on September 27, 2012. The actual trend number is 9767 even though the number played as 9677.The 9677 played in the second position followed by 4813 that played in the third position one day later on September 28, 2012 and the next winning number 8869 that played in the first position on the same day.
The 4813 and 8869 played straight.
You can enjoy this level of precision through the best lottery books.
Winning Barbados Lottery
The next winning pick 4 numbers based on the trend are 8140 and 4758.
You can have all the winning numbers necessary to enjoy the opportunities in all Barbados lottery games.
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Win Four Thousand Dollars Today Proven

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So far I made four thousand dollars in two months. That is a verified statement by a happy reader through Amazon.
Best lottery books made it possible.
You cannot find a better method that could accord you with such an opportunity.
The readers who followed the instructions are doing it.
You can do the same by investing less than three dollars for this same book and follow the instructions as stipulated in the book.
Granted you will find a few disgruntled fellows that expect to win in one minute without reading the book.
The ones that follow the instructions come out ahead.
I know because they write me.
The book in question is,
Lottery Pal
You will find the methods in the book, “Lottery Pal” second to none.
The methods work.
Another happy reader who followed the instructions in another book,
Fantasy 5 Formula
Won back to back in two days.
She is so happy that she got other family members in different states to purchase the book and pursue the same opportunities.
You can win four thousand dollars or more just like the reader did.
You can win two times in two days like the other happy reader did.
The system works. The opportunities are endless and waiting for you.
You can begin to enjoy more consistent winnings by acquiring,
The best lottery Books.
Purchase the best lottery books, read and follow the instructions. See you at the winning table.
Your Time Is Now.
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Best Lottery Books Picks For This Month

You Deserve a Win!
Best lottery books picks for this month will put money in your pocket. We gave some friends 308 for Maryland and 447 for Georgia pick 3 for the end of last month. The two winning numbers played within a span of two days.
You cannot underestimate the enormous opportunity from the best lottery books. We decided to extend the same generosity to our numerous fans all over the world.
We are doing the same by giving you the best picks for the month. The key to winning consistently is by doing manual lottery number calculations based on trends.
We examined the trends set to begin the month by looking at the current trends with Georgia, Maryland, Ohio and Florida lottery results.
The mere mention of the above states is the closest we can come at this point to being state specific.
You can get a lot more by going to the link below,

The winning numbers are good for your local lottery market.
Lottery winning numbers
The next big winners you should concentrate on are 374, 506, 211, 356 and 111.
The dinner is served my friends. You are invited to enjoy the course. You can either grab the opportunity and look forward to winning or stand by and watch others win.
The only requirement is to bring patience. Patience is the key to more consistent winnings.
You can enjoy more consistent winnings by getting your copy of the best lottery books today including,
Lottery Pro Player
Fantasy 5 Formula
Powerball, Mega millions, Euro millions, Lotto Max Formula.
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Best Lottery Books And Best Lottery Winning Numbers

You deserve a Win!

Best lottery books and best lottery numbers is where to be.
The difference when it comes to our approach is clear.
We work out the winning numbers based on lottery number manual trend calculations.
There is no other way to enjoy enormous winnings.
The trend calculation could be worked out through reactive or proactive approach.
The two do offer you the opportunities to win.
The reactive approach look at prior results to establish other winning numbers based on the trends.
A look at the reactive approach through Maryland current pick 3 results will produce the following trend,
Maryland lottery played the above trend as,
The third winning pick 3 number that was supposed to play as 132 did not play. The pick 4 on the other hand played as 3152.
The real question then becomes,
Did the 3152 play in place of 132?
Is the 132 going to play and when?
The convenient answer to the former is NO though delving more into it is more complicated.
The complete answer to that is beyond the scope of this blog.
The answer to the latter is Yes.
The two competing interests with the former becomes when and where.
The second approach to getting consistent winning lottery numbers is by employing a proactive approach.
This approach is simply powerful.
You worked out winning numbers by creating trends and waiting for them ahead of the results.
You will be more than prepared to start winning once their numbers start playing the trend you have already created.
You can create the proactive trends based on any winning numbers of your choice.
The proactive approach will show you that the winning numbers you should consider playing from this point on are,
You can begin to play those or watch other fans laugh all the way to the bank.
The proactive approach is highly used in the best lottery books.
You can enjoy more consistent winnings by collecting the books below,
Lottery Pro Player
Lottery Pocket Book
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It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint