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Best Lottery Books And Best Pick 4 Lottery Numbers

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You do not need to do guess work in the above books. The winning lottery numbers have already been worked out for you.
Let us give you a tiny taste of our unique approach to consistent winnings.
We will examine some trends through the lens of Maryland lottery pick 4.
Maryland lottery played the current trend beginning with 8011 that played on 6/23/2011. They continued one day later by dropping 0954 on 6/24/2011.
They paused for one day and came back with 7396 today.
The trend will clearly give you the next line of action.
The winning line of action is where the best lottery books will come in.
The next winning set of pick 4 numbers that are left to complete the trend are 3800 and 8666.
The real questions are: When will the remaining two pick 4 numbers play?
Will they play in the above order?
If you dig deeper you will notice that Maryland lottery played 6659 and 2800 towards the end of May.
You might be tempted to ask what the relevance to those two are with the current trend.
The 2800 is very similar to 3800 that is yet to play.
The 6659 played one day apart from 2800.
You will notice that one of the winning pick 4 numbers I gave you earlier is 8666.
The sum of 8666 is the same as that of 6659.
In each case the sum will equal 26.
If you take minus one from one of the sixes in 8666 and add it to the eight, you will arrive at 6659.
The next question then becomes,
Did the 8666 play one month earlier as a decoy in the form of 6659?
Did 2800 play instead of 3800?
Are the two remaining pick 4 numbers going to play?
If and when they do, will the numbers play in Maryland or some other state?
How would you know when and where to play them?
You will not need to worry about the above questions when you collect the best lottery books on the planet.
You can win more than your own share of the pick 4 lottery game.
The potential to make a five thousand percent return on your money must not be ignored.
There must be a reason why most of our fans collect nearly all our books.
It is high time you join the winners.
The best lottery books will offer you endless opportunities to win big.
You owe it to yourself.
Get the best lottery books today and start having the edge.
You cannot begin to imagine what you can do.
We have a lot more in our repertoire.
The best lottery books will get you there.