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Greatest Lottery Number Forecaster In The World

Winning Lottery Numbers Every Week
You will be amazed to know who is holding the title of the greatest lottery forecaster today. It is no easy feat to predict consistent winning lotto numbers. It is even more important to know that this person will give you consistent winning lottery numbers week after week.
Before I delve further in this article I would like you to remember one very important lottery book titled.
Lottery Icon
The title of the greatest lotto number predictor does not belong to those who sell everything deceptively online and other platforms just to make a buck.
It does not belong to those who claim to have won a million times with no actual proof and thereafter sell junk to the public to make money.
They may have made money from the unsuspecting public . The arena does not belong to them.
They will in due time get their comeuppance.
There are very few lottery number experts out there. They do not make noise because their work do speak for them.
Reasons why so many lose.
A lot of lottery players kowtow to the convention.
The convention is never meant to benefit you.
In every lottery odds calculation you will win half of your cost of betting at best. That win of course is based on you not making mistakes and everything else being equal.
To win $5000 on pick 4, you would have to spend about $10000 to cover the odds. That does not make sense.
The pick 4 winning odds of 1:10000 exists only in the world of convention. You get trapped when you kowtow.
If you master how to get consistent winning lottery numbers outside the confines of lottery odds calculation you will be unbeatable. You will have the tools to capture consistent winning lotto numbers because you are operating outside the realm.
Winning Lotto System
If I tell you that you can win lotto games including the Powerball and Mega Millions you might find it difficult to believe. The reason you might question that is because you are looking at the lottery winning numbers from the limitations of the odds number calculations.
Proof That You Can Win Lotto
I will touch on the ultimate lotto book in the market at this point.
Lottery Icon
Mega Millions played the following winning numbers from 11/5/2013 through 11/19/2013.
74, 42, 71, 63 and 63
The above winning Mega Millions numbers played right after each other. Those are called trends in the world of lottery betting.
It is near impossible to work out the above winning trend based on the conventional Mega Millions odds of over 258 million.
You can, however, catch the above trend with the unconventional methods detailed in Lottery Icon.
Lottery Icon on the other hand captured the same trend as follows,
74, 42, 61, 73 and 73
You can see that Lottery Icon started the same trend based on unconventional methods. The middle winning Mega Millions number played 71 as against 61 from Lottery Icon.
If 61 is played as 71 it means that 73 must play as 63.
Let me put down the Mega Millions winning numbers and that of Lottery Icon right below them.
Mega Millions 74, 42, 71, 63 and 63
Lottery Icon 74, 42, 61, 73 and 73
This is simply incredible.
You will find the above winning numbers in Process 33 Table, Column H and I, page 172 of Lottery Icon.
There is no limit once you master the methods outlined in Lottery Icon.
Study and master the systems in Lottery Icon.
Apply the methods in Lottery Icon.
You will be amazed to know that the Greatest Lottery Forecaster in the world is YOU.
Get your copy now
Lottery Icon
Lottery Icon

Win Mega Millions Jackpot With Lottery Icon

Lottery Jackpot Book

It is no longer a matter of if I do, but, when I win the lottery.
There are more than enough people who dwell in the mighty wish of if they win the lottery.
Henceforth, you are no longer going to be one of the jackpot dreamers because of this ultimate lottery book.
Lottery Icon
Lottery Icon is the key to winning the lotto jackpot.
You are ahead of the crowd because Lottery Icon has the language of lottery.
The methods in Lottery Icon produced three solid winning Pick 4 numbers right after each other. That impressive feat destroys the probability argument of 1:10000 odds of winning.
Please continue reading to see how Lottery Icon captures all the winning lotto numbers.
There is no match to Lottery Icon in the history of betting because the methods outlined in Lottery Icon challenges every lottery convention.
Nearly everything you know about working out winning lotto numbers should be jettisoned.
Every culture embrace you more when you speak their language.
The lotto is no exception.
In the traditional schools you will learn numeric numbers like 1, 2, 3 and so forth.
Every educated reader that sees numbers 42 and 61 recognizes those as numbers forty two and sixty one. They are not going to see or think of other numbers besides forty two and sixty one.
The above two winning lotto numbers does not necessary apply in the game of lotto.
The two numbers are good within the limits of their trend.
The real question is what would happen when one or both winning numbers are altered or replaced entirely? Can one recognize if and when there are changes to the trend and catapult the knowledge to Mega Millions Jackpot as well as other lotto games?
The answer is, absolutely, yes.
I will buttress the above position by giving you actual examples from the ultimate lotto book.
Lottery Icon
Every winning Mega millions number is related to prior winning Mega millions number.
You can comb out consistent winning lotto numbers per column till you work out all required numbers for the jackpot.
You can catch odds of 1:100 or less faster than 1:258 million plus.
The Mega Millions lottery numbers jumped all the way to number 75 recently. In the conventional methods you will be worrying about going through 75 numbers.
Lottery Icon methods will keep all Mega Millions numbers between 1 and 20.
This means that you have reduced the odds from 258 million plus down to less than twenty thousand.
Let us look at some winning Mega Millions numbers through five different results.
Mega Millions Results:
74 played on 11/5/13
42 played on 11/8/13
71 played on 11/12/13
63 played on 11/15/13
63 played on 11/19/13
Lottery Icon is capable of putting the above trend on a platter for the ardent readers who use Lottery Icon.
Go to page 172 and take a look at Process 33 Table of Lottery Icon.
Lottery Icon produced the trend below.
74, 42, 61, 73 and 73.
You will notice that the traditional players will begin to lose from the winning lotto number 71. The actual trend is lotto winning number 61 as against 71.
The 71 as well as 61 is the bridge in the trend. That is when you will position yourself to start going after the jackpot.
Lottery Icon gave you ample opportunity to catch the winning number 63 that played two times.
In lottery language if winning number 61 become 71 in the case of the above winning Mega Millions results, it reasons without question that the winning number 73 will definitely produce 63. it is so impressive that the 63 as well as 73 repeated in both trends.
Let me put the Lottery Icon winning trend alongside that of Mega Millions to show you how impressive Lottery Icon is.

Lottery Icon #      Mega Millions #
74                         74
42                         42
61                         71
73                         63
73                         63

The above is just tip of the iceberg. Go to page 131 of Lottery Icon (paperback) and look at Tops 3 Table and see how the Mega Millions played all the numbers in that trend.
Go to column G and H of the Tops 3 Table and see how Mega Million played all the winning numbers .
Readers with the electronic copy go to your respective pages.
Check Mega Millions results from 2/14/14 thru 2/25/14.
Your time to win the Mega Millions jackpot is now. It is no longer a matter of if you win the lotto but when you win the lotto jackpot.
Readers who chose to seat on the sideline please be patient until the above winning lotto numbers come back and look forward to catching that column towards your six numbers.
Serious lottery bettors please continue to make profitable use of Lottery Icon.
Lottery Icon is the key to consistent lotto jackpot.
Get your copy now.
Learn to speak the language of lottery.
Learn how to win every lottery game in front of you.
The key to the jackpot is here.
Lottery Icon.

Once In A Lifetime Book

Get Your Copy Today

Before you entertain any doubt I challenge you to read this book. In fact you can start by reading a good portion of the book free from more than one online platform.
Let me pose the question before I delve further in this article.
How did I get here?
I saw a good number of hard working people lose money from betting on lottery games from a very early age. I was overly concerned on why they bet their hard earned money despite the idea of winning not being on their side.
I decided to embark on the journey of figuring out how the lottery game works.
The journey led to the ultimate lottery book on the planet.
Lottery Icon

I started with the English Fixed Odds. The quest to understand how the lottery game works and in essence break the code led me to different lotto games including the 6/49 and everything in between. It equally took me to different continents where I worked on lottery games for over thirty years.
I got to the point of not worrying about winning but figuring out why and when every lottery number plays. The thrill was to figure out every winning lottery number.
I was driving one day and noticed a vehicle with a special tag number. I plugged the number into one of my methods. It led me to the winning pick 4 number in Maryland. That pick 4 number was 2424.
I went to visit somebody at Mt. Sinai Hospital and decided to plug the name of the facility into one of my methods and lo and behold it led me to the next winning pick 4 number.
The next day I employed a completely different language, not English and it led me to the next winning pick 4 number.
I don’t know about you but a lot of people will be very happy to catch three winning pick 4 lottery numbers right after each other.
The lottery code is broken.
I discovered the language of lottery.
I finally got the answer to the question on how I got here.
How the ultimate lottery book on the planet came to be.
Lottery Icon is the book to have in your library today.
If you doubt me put in some time, read the book and put every page to the test.
The lottery odd is meaningless.
You can continue to dream about winning the lotto including the Mega Millions with odd calculations of over 258 million.
The 258 million plus odds come into play when you are confined within the limits of the everyday convention. That limitation exists when you rely solely on applying the numeric order taught in schools like 123 and so forth.
Those astronomical odds are irrelevant when you apply the methods in Lottery Icon.
It is not of concern when you master the methods that produced three winning pick 4 numbers right after the other.
The 258 million plus odds in the case of Mega Millions is based on numbers 1 through 75.
You will learn how to keep those numbers between 1 and 20.
You will learn how and why every number plays in every lotto game.
You will see why and how every number is related.
It doesn’t matter if you are looking at winning number 2 or 14 or 69.
You will master all of the hidden methods.
You will master how to use any set of numbers and zero in on the winning numbers.
You will see actual proof including a photocopy of lottery tickets that cover day and evening pick 3 games and how to make profitable use of them.
You will master how to use prior results and catch the next winning numbers.
Lottery Icon is a once in a lifetime book.
If you have any doubt ask anybody that reads Lottery Icon.
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Powerball, Mega Millions, Euro Millions Secret Codes

The Secret to Winning Lotto Consistently
So many lotto players are caught in the euphoria that they actually forget the end goal.
So many bettors resigned to losing as usual before even placing their lottery bets.
It is not enough to wish that it could have been you when you read about the last Powerball and Mega Millions jackpot winners.
You should start doing something about it rather than simply wishing for it.
With the lotto winning odds of upwards of 258 million in the case of Mega Millions, the wishes of many bettors will remain just that: A WISH!
Now the real questions come;
Why do so many people lose on lottery bets ?
Is there a solution to the problem?
Let us tackle the first question.
Why do so many people lose on lottery bets ?
The short answer to that is that they do not have the knowledge on how to place their bets, nor do they have a copy of the ultimate lotto book on the planet.
Lottery Icon
Let us go deeper into answering the first question.
Nearly every bettor without the knowledge of the lotto secret codes bet on numbers based on popular conventions, among which is the numeric 123 and so forth taught in schools, as well as their family birthdays.
The majority of players out there play their birthdays. The most popular number in the birthday column pool is the winning lotto number 19.
If you check the past month’s Powerball results through this morning the winning lotto number 19 played only once (Bonus). Mega Millions, on the other hand, played winning lotto number 19 zero times. This means that the winning lotto number 19 did not help the players who bet on lotto games based on popular conventions through the whole of last month up until this point.
You cannot continue to bet on numbers simply because your grandma did and still wonder why you do not win the jackpots.
Win Powerball, Mega Millions and Euro Millions Now.
Winning Lotto Solutions.
Is there a solution to the problem?
There is a clear solution in winning every lotto game in front of you including the Lotto Max.
The solution is the ultimate lottery book on the planet.
Lottery Icon

Lottery Icon broke every lottery code .
Lottery Icon is five (5) lottery books in one. You will see over 200 pages of superb work.
Lottery Icon is different because it threw every lottery convention out the window.
Why would you want to continue using obsolete lottery methods that have not worked for you?
Lottery Icon is capable of reducing all 75 numbers in the Mega Millions pool to 20, and show you how to capture the winning jackpot numbers. With Lottery Icon lotto odds calculations are meaningless. You cannot find the information in any other lotto book .
To capture and consistently reduce odds of nearly 259 million down to less than 20000 is a mathematical feat that has never been done before.
Lottery Icon speaks the language of lottery.
The material is dense. You cannot get millions without putting in some work. Your job is to follow the instructions and STUDY the book, Lottery Icon.
I just received an email from one happy reader that followed my instructions after reading the first two chapters and won the Arizona lottery.
You will learn how to mix any batch of numbers and still arrive at winning numbers with precision. You will learn how to see the winning lotto numbers one month ahead of when they actually play.
These methods are possible because Lottery Icon is designed to operate outside of the conventions.
The conventions have not favored you.
You cannot see any lotto book that will come close.
It is your time to start winning the lotto jackpot. Challenge the convention and operate outside the realm.
Grab your copy of the ultimate lottery book on the planet.
Lottery Icon.

Mega Millions and Powerball New Secret Formula

Win Powerball and Mega Millions

The average lotto player should know by now that the Mega Millions odds has increased to upwards of 258 million. This means that you need to go back to the drawing board.
You need the new ultimate secret to winning Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto Max, Euro Millions and every other lotto out there.
The secret is around you when you search for it. You do not need to look too far to find it.
Those who bought the #1 Amazon Best Seller in lottery books, Lottery Little Book, are aware of the efficacy of the methods.
You will find among other hidden methods, The Precision Board.
I will come back and touch on it before I finish this article.
Lottery Icon is the latest book that is superbly equipped to open the window on winning the lotto games.
Lottery Icon took the methods in Lottery Little Book to a level unheard of in lottery games.
You should always bet with winning methods.
For the readers who purchased Lottery Icon already follow the instructions thoroughly.
For those who are new in the game, go to page 168 of Lottery Icon.

You will see the following winning lotto numbers,
04, 28, 10 and the fourth winning lotto number.
In the current year Millions played winning lotto number 04 on 1/21/14 followed by 10 on 1/24/14 and winning number 28 on 1/28/14.
The same trend came back in February and played winning number 10 on 2/7/14 followed by 04 on 2/11/14 and 28 on 2/14/14. Take a look at the fourth winning lotto number in page 168.
You can see how the trend is playing in one Mega Millions result after the other.
You will be able to see the individual trends to capture six winning lotto numbers.
The more interesting point is that Mega Millions odds has increased to upwards of 258 million. This odd calculation is based on the total lotto numbers being 1 to 75.
If the required winning six numbers for the jackpot is reduced by one (1), the odds will go down by over 240 million.
Thank about that for one minute.
If the required 75 numbers in the pool is reduced to less than twenty regardless of what is being played the entire equation will page.
Lottery Icon will give you the tool to do just that.
Lottery Icon will help you capture consistent winning lotto numbers.
Lottery Icon is highly equipped to capture winning jackpot numbers in Mega Millions, Powerball, Lotto Max, Euro Millions and every other lotto game out there.
It is also your handbook for Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5 and more.
Lottery Little Book give the readers steady winning lotto numbers.
Go to page 53 of Lottery Little Book and look at Precision Board 9.
Powerball played the following winning numbers 9, 23 and 40 precisely as I had them on 7/27/13.
The next winning numbers per Precision Board 9 are 9, 19 and 32 that played on 8/28/13.
Take another look at the dates and see why it earned the Top name, Precision Board.
You think the above is impressive, wait until you read Lottery Icon.
The two winning lottery books, Lottery Little Book and Lottery Icon,

will not just grace your library but will help you capture the lotto jackpots.
Find out why ever serious lottery playing is collecting the two best lotto books.
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Next Winning Pick 3 Number Actual Proof

Do not miss it
You will find actual proof on page 178 of the new ultimate lottery book,
Lottery Icon

Go to page 178 of the book, “Lottery Icon” and take a good look at the actual proof.
You will given the opportunity to enjoy potential BIG winnings.
I did not just display a photocopy of actual lottery tickets, but truly discussed how to make money with them.
I had lottery tickets that covered not just midday but evening lottery number result as well.
I played two tickets to show my readers how to make money with my system. The midday ticket had lottery number 735, while the evening ticket lottery number was 333.
The two tickets were played for Maryland pick 3 lottery on 10/21/13.
Please take a look at the tickets and read page 179 to learn on how to make money with them.
Lottery Icon reveals major winning pick 3 number opportunities.
You will find one example of such opportunity on page 172.
Go to the table and look at columns B, C and D.
Maryland lottery played 460 to cap the month of February 2013 and continued the trend today with winning pick 3 number 253.
The two winning pick 3 numbers are right below each other.
Lottery Icon is the book.
Go to page 172 and consider playing the trend.
Please follow the instructions as laid out in the top selling lottery book,
Lottery Icon.

Lottery Books

New Lottery Book
Lottery Icon is the ultimate lottery book that cannot be compared to any other lottery book on the market.
It stands by itself because it puts every conceivable antiquated system in their place.
Lottery Icon is easily on top of the list of The Best Lottery Books out there.
There is a big difference between Lottery Icon and all other lottery books out there.
Isn’t it interesting how so many people are coming out and calling themselves experts on lottery betting?
If you take a close look, you will find out that a good portion of them are stealing from others.
You will even find those who claim to have won countless times are selling crap just to make a buck.
Put the ultimate lottery book,
Lottery Icon

Against any of the so called “lottery books” on the market.
Lottery Icon defied all conventions by proving to the reader that random numbers are meaningless when it comes to betting on the lottery.
Lottery Icon demonstrated further by zeroing in on winning New York Numbers from angles that have never even been imagined before.
You will see how this method produced four winning numbers in four days in New York.
You will also learn the new methods that captured three winning pick 3 numbers in Maryland.
You will be able to challenge every lotto game, including Powerball and Mega Millions.
The singular reason why you will capture consistent winnings in the Mega Millions and Powerball is that the methods outlined in Lottery Icon operate outside the walls of lottery odds.
Lottery winnings odds are based on the fact that you will work on the lottery numbers based on the numeric order taught in schools.
The random number concept is gone.
The mathematical paradigm is shifted.
Lottery Icon is a book like no other.
The bettors who study the number one lottery book,
Lottery Little Book
Will gain a great advantage.
If you want to win more than your share of the lottery money, why not start right now?
Lottery Icon is the only tool you will need.
Get your copy of the ultimate lottery book on the planet.
Lottery Icon.

Random Number Puzzle Solved

Learn How and Make Money Now
Truly questioning the idea behind random numbers is the key to solving the puzzle.
The mystery of random numbers is a popular axiom around every corner because it has not been properly examined.
The fact that random numbers are mysterious to many does not mean that you should kowtow.
The critical question in the puzzle should focus on proper examination of random numbers.
Lottery Icon set out to solve the problem.
The ultimate lottery book,
Lottery Icon

Tackled the puzzle both in terms of structure and substance.
Lottery Icon is the best lottery book because it defies every convention.
Solving the Mathematical Problem.
The standard, numeric thinking that is taught in schools will often result in the same solution when it is used to solve a particular problem by those that mastered it, regardless of who or where they are.
Three different people in three different parts of the world who studied mathematics are likely going to arrive at the same solution to the same problem.
The reason for that is because they studied the same theory.
If they are working on getting winning lottery numbers which are often based on the same numeric thinking that they mastered, they are left with either capturing the winning lottery numbers, or losing the bets entirely.
It is common knowledge by now that most people do not win when they bet. The percentage of bettors who lose money on lottery games is drastically higher than that of those who win.
Could the loss be mitigated if the random number puzzle is solved?
The answer is an unequivocal YES.
You lose the bets because the lottery numbers you are betting on will not favor you when you play based on the numeric order you studied in schools, and the numbers tend to play at what is seen as random.
It would then make sense that the problem could, and would, be solved from the angle of what many understand to be random.
Lottery Icon demonstrated that you could indeed put different sets of numbers together and work out winning lottery numbers.
Lottery Icon tested it in different states and arrived at the winning numbers.
I also put license plate numbers in the midst and arrived at winning numbers.
The method consistently captured winning pick 4 numbers straight.
I also put in names of buildings as well as other languages and also captured winning pick 4 numbers. It produced three winning pick 4 numbers in three days.
That is an impressive feat when you know that a $1 bet winning on pick 4 pays you about $5000.
I went further by assembling a wide array of pick 3, pick 4, match 5, mega millions, and numeric numbers together and produced winning lottery numbers.
You will see this method produce four straight winnings in New York Numbers in four days.
Lottery Icon is the KEY.
I went further still by plugging the same methods into Powerball and produced consistent winnings. You will see the winning lottery numbers well ahead of the game.
This feat is only possible because the stigma when it comes to random numbers was broken.
I have only mentioned a tiny fraction of the methods.
The Random Number puzzle is solved forever. It is, at least in the world of lottery. There is really no other place it matters more than when it comes to winning huge money on small bets.
You can have all of this information in the palm of your hand by reading the ultimate lottery book.
Lottery Icon
Get your copy and make profitable use of it today.
Lottery Icon.

Win Lottery Four Times Every Week

Yes You Can
I set out to prove that it could be done. I did it without doubt in the ultimate lottery book.
Lottery Icon

What makes this book the ultimate is that I worked out consistent winning lottery numbers from angles that have never been done before.
I zeroed in on the winning lottery numbers with the fore knowledge that all lottery numbers are the same.
There is no difference between number 3, number 17, number 66 or any other number for that matter.
Yes you read the above statement correct.
I went further by showing four winning pick 3 numbers through New York Numbers.
You can master the same methods through the ultimate lottery book,
Lottery Icon

The fact remains that as long as lottery winning numbers are played based on trends, you will consistently crank out the winning numbers.
The good news is that there are no other ways lottery numbers play, contrary to popular belief.
This means that you can have winning lottery numbers in your hand all the time.
Every winning lottery number produces the next winning lotto number.
You will learn how to create the winning numbers that others could not see because you will be operating outside of the realm.
The time to learn how to become a master is now.
Your path to winning lottery consistently.
Lottery Icon.
Grab your copy now while it lasts.
Lottery Icon

Lottery Numbers New Paradigm Shift

Final Solutions

When was the last time you wondered why so many people lose money on lottery games?
A good bulk of the bettors are caught up in trying to win to the level of compulsion.
If you understood the true method of cranking out consistent winning lottery numbers the question of compulsion would not even come into play.
What if I told you that there was a way to capture consistent winning lottery numbers?
The final solution lies in the ultimate lottery book known to man.
The practicum edition will not only give you winning numbers, but teach you how to work out the winning lottery numbers.
The solution is in the new ultimate lottery book,
Lottery Icon

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Some people will swear on their lives that there is no method to winning lottery consistently.
They might even walk away if you told them that the numbers could be won every day.
Winning Lottery Numbers
I embarked on proving that the numbers could indeed be won beyond the level imagined by many.
In the ultimate lottery book,
Lottery Icon
I methodically laid out proof that it could be done.
One of the things you will see in the new book is that all lottery numbers are related.
You could make the bold statement that all lottery numbers are the same.
If I proved that number 2 is the same as number 14 or 55, the entire mathematical paradigm in the world of lottery would be shifted.
You lose the numbers because you are confined within the limits of mathematics that you studied.
That knowledge alone is not enough for you to win the lottery.
The Mega Million odds have been raised recently to upwards of 259 million.
The ultimate lottery book,
Lottery Icon would prove to you that the lotto odd including that of Mega Million is meaningless.
I did what many will consider impossible mathematically.
I used different games past results from different dates including pick 3, pick 4, match 5, mega millions and numeric numbers to prove that you can indeed win numbers every day.
I worked out winning lottery numbers for New York spanning over four games.
That is unheard of.
You can win lottery numbers every single day.
I must warn you that the information in Lottery Icon is dense.
The book will change the way you look at numbers forever.
You can win lotto numbers more than you ever thought possible.
You can start by getting your copy of the ultimate lottery book.
The lottery book that will give and teach you how to put the solution in your palm.
Lottery Icon
Get your copy while it lasts.
Lottery Icon.

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