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Greatest Lottery Number Forecaster In The World

Winning Lottery Numbers Every Week
You will be amazed to know who is holding the title of the greatest lottery forecaster today. It is no easy feat to predict consistent winning lotto numbers. It is even more important to know that this person will give you consistent winning lottery numbers week after week.
Before I delve further in this article I would like you to remember one very important lottery book titled.
Lottery Icon
The title of the greatest lotto number predictor does not belong to those who sell everything deceptively online and other platforms just to make a buck.
It does not belong to those who claim to have won a million times with no actual proof and thereafter sell junk to the public to make money.
They may have made money from the unsuspecting public . The arena does not belong to them.
They will in due time get their comeuppance.
There are very few lottery number experts out there. They do not make noise because their work do speak for them.
Reasons why so many lose.
A lot of lottery players kowtow to the convention.
The convention is never meant to benefit you.
In every lottery odds calculation you will win half of your cost of betting at best. That win of course is based on you not making mistakes and everything else being equal.
To win $5000 on pick 4, you would have to spend about $10000 to cover the odds. That does not make sense.
The pick 4 winning odds of 1:10000 exists only in the world of convention. You get trapped when you kowtow.
If you master how to get consistent winning lottery numbers outside the confines of lottery odds calculation you will be unbeatable. You will have the tools to capture consistent winning lotto numbers because you are operating outside the realm.
Winning Lotto System
If I tell you that you can win lotto games including the Powerball and Mega Millions you might find it difficult to believe. The reason you might question that is because you are looking at the lottery winning numbers from the limitations of the odds number calculations.
Proof That You Can Win Lotto
I will touch on the ultimate lotto book in the market at this point.
Lottery Icon
Mega Millions played the following winning numbers from 11/5/2013 through 11/19/2013.
74, 42, 71, 63 and 63
The above winning Mega Millions numbers played right after each other. Those are called trends in the world of lottery betting.
It is near impossible to work out the above winning trend based on the conventional Mega Millions odds of over 258 million.
You can, however, catch the above trend with the unconventional methods detailed in Lottery Icon.
Lottery Icon on the other hand captured the same trend as follows,
74, 42, 61, 73 and 73
You can see that Lottery Icon started the same trend based on unconventional methods. The middle winning Mega Millions number played 71 as against 61 from Lottery Icon.
If 61 is played as 71 it means that 73 must play as 63.
Let me put down the Mega Millions winning numbers and that of Lottery Icon right below them.
Mega Millions 74, 42, 71, 63 and 63
Lottery Icon 74, 42, 61, 73 and 73
This is simply incredible.
You will find the above winning numbers in Process 33 Table, Column H and I, page 172 of Lottery Icon.
There is no limit once you master the methods outlined in Lottery Icon.
Study and master the systems in Lottery Icon.
Apply the methods in Lottery Icon.
You will be amazed to know that the Greatest Lottery Forecaster in the world is YOU.
Get your copy now
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Powerball, Mega Millions, Euro Millions Secret Codes

The Secret to Winning Lotto Consistently
So many lotto players are caught in the euphoria that they actually forget the end goal.
So many bettors resigned to losing as usual before even placing their lottery bets.
It is not enough to wish that it could have been you when you read about the last Powerball and Mega Millions jackpot winners.
You should start doing something about it rather than simply wishing for it.
With the lotto winning odds of upwards of 258 million in the case of Mega Millions, the wishes of many bettors will remain just that: A WISH!
Now the real questions come;
Why do so many people lose on lottery bets ?
Is there a solution to the problem?
Let us tackle the first question.
Why do so many people lose on lottery bets ?
The short answer to that is that they do not have the knowledge on how to place their bets, nor do they have a copy of the ultimate lotto book on the planet.
Lottery Icon
Let us go deeper into answering the first question.
Nearly every bettor without the knowledge of the lotto secret codes bet on numbers based on popular conventions, among which is the numeric 123 and so forth taught in schools, as well as their family birthdays.
The majority of players out there play their birthdays. The most popular number in the birthday column pool is the winning lotto number 19.
If you check the past month’s Powerball results through this morning the winning lotto number 19 played only once (Bonus). Mega Millions, on the other hand, played winning lotto number 19 zero times. This means that the winning lotto number 19 did not help the players who bet on lotto games based on popular conventions through the whole of last month up until this point.
You cannot continue to bet on numbers simply because your grandma did and still wonder why you do not win the jackpots.
Win Powerball, Mega Millions and Euro Millions Now.
Winning Lotto Solutions.
Is there a solution to the problem?
There is a clear solution in winning every lotto game in front of you including the Lotto Max.
The solution is the ultimate lottery book on the planet.
Lottery Icon

Lottery Icon broke every lottery code .
Lottery Icon is five (5) lottery books in one. You will see over 200 pages of superb work.
Lottery Icon is different because it threw every lottery convention out the window.
Why would you want to continue using obsolete lottery methods that have not worked for you?
Lottery Icon is capable of reducing all 75 numbers in the Mega Millions pool to 20, and show you how to capture the winning jackpot numbers. With Lottery Icon lotto odds calculations are meaningless. You cannot find the information in any other lotto book .
To capture and consistently reduce odds of nearly 259 million down to less than 20000 is a mathematical feat that has never been done before.
Lottery Icon speaks the language of lottery.
The material is dense. You cannot get millions without putting in some work. Your job is to follow the instructions and STUDY the book, Lottery Icon.
I just received an email from one happy reader that followed my instructions after reading the first two chapters and won the Arizona lottery.
You will learn how to mix any batch of numbers and still arrive at winning numbers with precision. You will learn how to see the winning lotto numbers one month ahead of when they actually play.
These methods are possible because Lottery Icon is designed to operate outside of the conventions.
The conventions have not favored you.
You cannot see any lotto book that will come close.
It is your time to start winning the lotto jackpot. Challenge the convention and operate outside the realm.
Grab your copy of the ultimate lottery book on the planet.
Lottery Icon.

Mega Millions and Powerball New Secret Formula

Win Powerball and Mega Millions

The average lotto player should know by now that the Mega Millions odds has increased to upwards of 258 million. This means that you need to go back to the drawing board.
You need the new ultimate secret to winning Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto Max, Euro Millions and every other lotto out there.
The secret is around you when you search for it. You do not need to look too far to find it.
Those who bought the #1 Amazon Best Seller in lottery books, Lottery Little Book, are aware of the efficacy of the methods.
You will find among other hidden methods, The Precision Board.
I will come back and touch on it before I finish this article.
Lottery Icon is the latest book that is superbly equipped to open the window on winning the lotto games.
Lottery Icon took the methods in Lottery Little Book to a level unheard of in lottery games.
You should always bet with winning methods.
For the readers who purchased Lottery Icon already follow the instructions thoroughly.
For those who are new in the game, go to page 168 of Lottery Icon.

You will see the following winning lotto numbers,
04, 28, 10 and the fourth winning lotto number.
In the current year Millions played winning lotto number 04 on 1/21/14 followed by 10 on 1/24/14 and winning number 28 on 1/28/14.
The same trend came back in February and played winning number 10 on 2/7/14 followed by 04 on 2/11/14 and 28 on 2/14/14. Take a look at the fourth winning lotto number in page 168.
You can see how the trend is playing in one Mega Millions result after the other.
You will be able to see the individual trends to capture six winning lotto numbers.
The more interesting point is that Mega Millions odds has increased to upwards of 258 million. This odd calculation is based on the total lotto numbers being 1 to 75.
If the required winning six numbers for the jackpot is reduced by one (1), the odds will go down by over 240 million.
Thank about that for one minute.
If the required 75 numbers in the pool is reduced to less than twenty regardless of what is being played the entire equation will page.
Lottery Icon will give you the tool to do just that.
Lottery Icon will help you capture consistent winning lotto numbers.
Lottery Icon is highly equipped to capture winning jackpot numbers in Mega Millions, Powerball, Lotto Max, Euro Millions and every other lotto game out there.
It is also your handbook for Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5 and more.
Lottery Little Book give the readers steady winning lotto numbers.
Go to page 53 of Lottery Little Book and look at Precision Board 9.
Powerball played the following winning numbers 9, 23 and 40 precisely as I had them on 7/27/13.
The next winning numbers per Precision Board 9 are 9, 19 and 32 that played on 8/28/13.
Take another look at the dates and see why it earned the Top name, Precision Board.
You think the above is impressive, wait until you read Lottery Icon.
The two winning lottery books, Lottery Little Book and Lottery Icon,

will not just grace your library but will help you capture the lotto jackpots.
Find out why ever serious lottery playing is collecting the two best lotto books.
Get your copies now through the links below.

Random Number Puzzle Solved

Learn How and Make Money Now
Truly questioning the idea behind random numbers is the key to solving the puzzle.
The mystery of random numbers is a popular axiom around every corner because it has not been properly examined.
The fact that random numbers are mysterious to many does not mean that you should kowtow.
The critical question in the puzzle should focus on proper examination of random numbers.
Lottery Icon set out to solve the problem.
The ultimate lottery book,
Lottery Icon

Tackled the puzzle both in terms of structure and substance.
Lottery Icon is the best lottery book because it defies every convention.
Solving the Mathematical Problem.
The standard, numeric thinking that is taught in schools will often result in the same solution when it is used to solve a particular problem by those that mastered it, regardless of who or where they are.
Three different people in three different parts of the world who studied mathematics are likely going to arrive at the same solution to the same problem.
The reason for that is because they studied the same theory.
If they are working on getting winning lottery numbers which are often based on the same numeric thinking that they mastered, they are left with either capturing the winning lottery numbers, or losing the bets entirely.
It is common knowledge by now that most people do not win when they bet. The percentage of bettors who lose money on lottery games is drastically higher than that of those who win.
Could the loss be mitigated if the random number puzzle is solved?
The answer is an unequivocal YES.
You lose the bets because the lottery numbers you are betting on will not favor you when you play based on the numeric order you studied in schools, and the numbers tend to play at what is seen as random.
It would then make sense that the problem could, and would, be solved from the angle of what many understand to be random.
Lottery Icon demonstrated that you could indeed put different sets of numbers together and work out winning lottery numbers.
Lottery Icon tested it in different states and arrived at the winning numbers.
I also put license plate numbers in the midst and arrived at winning numbers.
The method consistently captured winning pick 4 numbers straight.
I also put in names of buildings as well as other languages and also captured winning pick 4 numbers. It produced three winning pick 4 numbers in three days.
That is an impressive feat when you know that a $1 bet winning on pick 4 pays you about $5000.
I went further by assembling a wide array of pick 3, pick 4, match 5, mega millions, and numeric numbers together and produced winning lottery numbers.
You will see this method produce four straight winnings in New York Numbers in four days.
Lottery Icon is the KEY.
I went further still by plugging the same methods into Powerball and produced consistent winnings. You will see the winning lottery numbers well ahead of the game.
This feat is only possible because the stigma when it comes to random numbers was broken.
I have only mentioned a tiny fraction of the methods.
The Random Number puzzle is solved forever. It is, at least in the world of lottery. There is really no other place it matters more than when it comes to winning huge money on small bets.
You can have all of this information in the palm of your hand by reading the ultimate lottery book.
Lottery Icon
Get your copy and make profitable use of it today.
Lottery Icon.

Prediction Won Same Day See Next Winners

You Deserve a Win!
It is obvious that some of our readers missed the last windfall.
The last article shows you that all the winning numbers we predicted one month earlier won. The numbers played in several states. They did in less than half the time.
We made the next set of predictions for this month using the same winning methods.
The money is there for you to grab.
The efficacy is superb.
The readers that are not aware of the reasons why we produce the best lottery books might look at the last predictions we made.
One of the winning numbers played the same day. That number is 462 that played in just a few hours from the time we made the call. You can take a look at Tennessee lottery to confirm it. The pick 3 number played straight.
This pays about $500 for every $1 bet.
You cannot find this type of opportunity outside of the best lottery books.
Read the last article and start playing the other winning numbers or watch them drop.
The huge potential payout is worth it.
The best lottery books are the way to go.
You can now get a copy of the high demand new book from us titled,
Keno Lottery Book.
Go win some money.
It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint.

All Forecasts Won See New Predictions

You Deserve a Win!
We made predictions for all of our readers titles,
Best lottery books pick for this month.

We stand by the title whole heartedly because we know the efficacy of our methods. The best lottery books is second to none.
All the predictions we made played in just about one week. We do hope you followed us and made some money as well.
The predictions were made on 9/2/2012. Florida state lottery played 560 on 9/5/2012 and 111 on 9/7/2012. That would be less than one week for both winning Cash 3 numbers from the prediction.
Louisiana State lottery fans won with 374 on 9/5/2012. You don’t need anybody to tell you at this point that the predictions are superb. The 374 played straight just like the triple for Florida. In each of the cases the predictions would have netted about $500 for each $1 bet.
That is a lot of money. You did not even pay for the forecasts.
You might think at this point that they would pause. That of course was not in our calculations. The trend produced consistent winning numbers as long as the calculations are right.
This is precisely why people who bought the best lottery books win consistently. One verified reader won about $4000 within a space of two months.
Texas lottery fans won with the 065 on 9/6/2012. That would be one day from the date the same numbers won in Florida.
California state lottery fans won 112 on 9/5/2012 as well as the readers from Idaho that won the sane 112 on 9/12/2012.
Illinois State fans would not be left out. They won with 356 straight on 9/12/2012.
I am yet to mention all the other states that won.
The month is still young. The above predictions could still make good money for you.
The next predictions in place are 026, 126, 106 and 462.
You can join us and start winning or watch others enjoy the opportunities.
Best lottery Books will pour out the winning numbers for your local lottery market right in front of you. Give yourself the opportunity to win $4000 or more like the reader who did it with the book,
Lottery pal
You cannot find a better book with enormous advantage.


Lottery Sun

You Deserve a Win!

Lottery is more of a game of skill than luck. Many look at the lottery from the position of luck. I will not by any means tell you that luck does not exist when it comes to playing lottery.
There is an element of accepting loss when you play with the notion of luck only. You could win by luck. The pros, however, do not bet based on luck. They wager on the lottery based on methods that work. They do that only when the trend is in place.
Lottery game is something that I got into for the pure reason of helping others. I saw so many hard working people struggle to win. I embarked on decoding every method that is to help the bettors win. It took nearly forty years to accomplish that. The gain is yours.
The best lottery books will help you win more consistently.
The only thing you need to do is follow the instructions. The readers who followed the instructions won and are still winning. You can see proof that they are happy by reading their unsolicited verified reviews below. The two happy readers below used the best lottery book,
Lottery Pocket Book
You can use the same book and others to achieve similar results.

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
Master Of The Lottery Trends October 4, 2011
By Evets Oneerg
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Eze knows what he is talking about without a doubt. It took me 3 weeks to learn the trend pattern in my states Pick-3 after that nothing but $$$$. I bet $1.50 on Monday Oct. 3rd and won $750.00 Thank-You Eze I always knew numbers had a pattern they followed and you brought it to life. This book (and all your books) are priceless !!!
Comment |
Was this review helpful to you?
4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
GRRRREAT BOOK December 19, 2011
By mermaidlove
Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified Purchase
OK i have owned this book for 1 month i read and read it, until my trend started
so far 3 of my numbers have hit 2 straight one in a box best 2.99 i ever spent on my kindle,playing with house money now !

No wonder everybody is purchasing the top selling book,

Lottery Pocket Book

Lottery winning numbers will come to you when you follow the instructions in the books. You stand to win consistently because the books are based on trends. The manual lottery trend calculation is the only way to enjoy consistent winnings.
I do precision forecasting like no other.
You can see the efficiency of my unique methods by reading our blogs and reading the books. There must be a reason why our readers collect nearly all our books.
Lottery trend manual calculations will produce solid results.
I gave the readers picks based on pick 3 trend numbers,
The above trend played in Maryland lottery beginning with 549 and 914 on 6/23/2011. The trend continued the next day by playing 329 and 805 on 6/24/2011. I drove to a lottery outlet and wagered on the 805. The 805 paid $500 for every $1 bet. You can enjoy similar winnings in your local lottery market with our books.
This wonderful winning is only possible because of trends.
Lottery manual trend calculations with precision results is the unique method you will not find out there easily. Go through the net and show me one.
These precision methods are the only way to produce trends like that of South Carolina below.
South Carolina lottery played 941 on 1/19/2011 to begin the pattern or appropriately the particular trend that I am discussing here.
Please pay close attention to the dates beginning with 1/19/2011 for 941.
The next winning pick 3 number among the group was 329 that played on 4/19/2011. The trend continued by playing 580 on 7/19/2011. They concluded the cycle by playing 549 on 10/19/2011.
You can clearly see what happened in the above scenario.
The same set of pick 3 numbers that made big money for me based on a set pattern played in South Carolina. The four winning pick 3 numbers played on the 19th of their respective months.
Win Consistently
The whole group played exactly three months apart.
You cannot have this level of precision without working on the numbers manually based on trends.
Make Big Money
The above group is meant to show you that you can indeed win consistently. The method applied above is just a tiny fraction of what you will find in our books.
Lottery games require skill.
Lottery winning methods that produce rich results are in the best lottery books. The above unsolicited verified reviews shows you that our readers are winning. Our manual lottery trend calculation is second to none. You can join the happy band wagon by collecting the best lottery books.
In every discipline there can only be one best. There is nobody that can win more than you. Get the best lottery books today.

Lottery Pocket Book
Lottery Ace
Lottery Pro Player
Pick 3 – Pick 4 Pro: Win Lottery Infinity
Fantasy 5 Formula

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint.