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The Greatest Lottery Book

Make Serious Money Today
Lottery Icon is the greatest Lottery Book without question.
The book deserves this prestigious title because it delivers consistently.
You can go through the pages with winning lottery numbers against any state, and still come out with numerous winnings.
Take, for example, some recent W. Virginia winning Pick 3 numbers.
Lottery Icon produced winnings to a level that is unheard of. It produced consecutive winnings in 5 straight results.
Let us look at recent W. VA winning Pick 3 numbers against Lottery Icon.
From Super Random Table 1, page 181, columns E, F and G.

Lottery Icon vs W.VA Lottery
427 vs 542 played on 11/28/15
539 vs 351 played on 11/30/15
066 vs 067 played on 12/1/15
502 vs 512 played on 12/2/15
201 vs 121 played on 12/5/15

The entire trend would pay on parlay over the 5 winnings. There is no better way to get money for your holiday shopping, folks.
If you think that the above winnings are impressive, wait until you take a look at Super Random Table 2.
Can you imagine the sections on similar opportunities for Pick 4 and other lotto games?
You do not have to wait until your state starts playing the above trend. You can grab your copy of Lottery Icon and position yourself right for the opportunities that lie ahead.
Get ahead of the curve.
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Win Lottery Four Times Every Week

Yes You Can
I set out to prove that it could be done. I did it without doubt in the ultimate lottery book.
Lottery Icon

What makes this book the ultimate is that I worked out consistent winning lottery numbers from angles that have never been done before.
I zeroed in on the winning lottery numbers with the fore knowledge that all lottery numbers are the same.
There is no difference between number 3, number 17, number 66 or any other number for that matter.
Yes you read the above statement correct.
I went further by showing four winning pick 3 numbers through New York Numbers.
You can master the same methods through the ultimate lottery book,
Lottery Icon

The fact remains that as long as lottery winning numbers are played based on trends, you will consistently crank out the winning numbers.
The good news is that there are no other ways lottery numbers play, contrary to popular belief.
This means that you can have winning lottery numbers in your hand all the time.
Every winning lottery number produces the next winning lotto number.
You will learn how to create the winning numbers that others could not see because you will be operating outside of the realm.
The time to learn how to become a master is now.
Your path to winning lottery consistently.
Lottery Icon.
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Amazon Number One Best Seller Lottery Book

#1 Best Selling Lottery Book
There is no higher validation of your work than seeing you book HIT Amazon #1 best seller list in any category.
That feat does not happen by accident either.
The new book to reach this height is,
Lottery Little Book

Lottery Little Book (Super Edition) by Author Encoe (Mar 26, 2013)
• $9.99 Kindle Edition
• Auto-delivered wirelessly
• #1 Best Seller in Lotteries
• Books: See all 42 items

What could be the reason why this book climbed that mountain?
Lottery Little Book
Is completely different from every other lottery book out there.
What makes it different from the crowd of lottery books,
There are three different hidden lottery secrets.
Let us dissect this from the angle of pick 4 lottery
The convention is that the odds of winning pick 4 is 1:10000.
That high level of odds is mathematical probability.
To make the matter even worse, you win $5000 on lottery game of ten thousand odds.
In a nutshell you spend ten thousand dollars to win five thousand.
This is not acceptable in the world of common sense.
Lottery Little Book

Lottery Little Book (Super Edition) by Author Encoe (Mar 26, 2013)
• $9.99 Kindle Edition
• Auto-delivered wirelessly
• #1 Best Seller in Lotteries
• Books: See all 42 items

Lottery Little Book broke the odds calculation
How did the book do that?
By assigning value to the winning lottery numbers.
Pick 4 lottery numbers fall between 0-9.
If I can reduce the required pick 4 numbers by just one, the odds will go down from 10000 to 1000. This action then eliminate the odds of mathematical probability.
If I can reduce it further by one the same odds will go down from 10000 to 100. If I can mathematically take it down by additional one the same odds calculation will go down from 10000 to 10.
This knowledge is what separates,
Lottery Little Book

Lottery Little Book (Super Edition) by Author Encoe (Mar 26, 2013)
• $9.99 Kindle Edition
• Auto-delivered wirelessly
• #1 Best Seller in Lotteries
• Books: See all 42 items

From the pack.
You can apply the knowledge from this book to every lotto game in front of you.
In real world the Powerball top winning number is 59, If your calculation on the other hand produces winning number 80, you will end up discarding it.
In this new Amazon #1 best seller book in lottery category , the winning number 80 is another good opportunity.
If the assigned value for number 80 is 42 for instance, it will still fall within the required numbers you will need in betting on Powerball.
Find out why this book is the best.
The knowledge you will gain from this book will lead you to greater heights.
Get your copy of Amazon #1 Seller Lottery Book,
Lottery Little Book

Lottery Little Book (Super Edition) by Author Encoe (Mar 26, 2013)
• $9.99 Kindle Edition
• Auto-delivered wirelessly
• #1 Best Seller in Lotteries
• Books: See all 42 items

Tricks Pros Use To Win Lottery Everyday

The skeptics are all over running around and claiming that lottery games cannot be won. They said that it is not a game of skill. They said that there is no system to winning lottery.
Imagine what their reaction would be If you told them that lottery could be won every single day.
In every game of skill the professionals are completely different from the amateurs.
There are three hidden secrets you will need to know to acquire that level of skill.
If one hundred numbers could be condensed and paced within two values you would be looking at two completely different things.
This value, of course, is housed within the three hidden secrets.
That is what set the pros apart from the crowd.
The request for this knowledge has been unrelenting from intelligent quarters.
I had no choice but to make it available.
You will find the answers in the newly released book,
Lottery Little Book
You do not want to be among the crowd that just play numbers.
You should be among the pros who bet based on their own actual knowledge of trends.
The most powerful part of this is that for the first time you will know how to work on the numbers.
You will have the inner knowledge.
The key to winning lottery every day is right in front of you.
There is no lottery book ever written that has the depth of knowledge you will find in this book.

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Pros Win Lottery Everyday With THREE SECRETS

In schools there are so many people who believe that mathematics is too tough. In the lottery world, you will find a good number of people who believe that lottery cannot be won on consistent basis.
You can win more than your share of the lottery money.
You have to do what the pros does.
The skeptics definitely do not believe that the lottery can be won every day.
The pros, however, do indeed believe that it is possible.
Remember that one person says that mathematics is too difficult while another person believes that there is no mathematics problem that cannot be solved.
You are in for a surprise.
There are three hidden secrets that the professionals use.
You will know and master the three hidden secrets.
You can apply them anywhere in the world that a lottery game is available.
Everybody has been looking and asking for the hidden secrets.
The request became too much that I had no choice but to release the secrets.
You will find all three hidden secrets in the new lottery book titled,
Lottery Little Book
There is no lottery book like it in the world.
Grab your copy now that the prize is low.
You can win lottery every day.
The only person that could stop you from winning every day is you.
This will be the best lottery book investment that you will ever make.
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Lottery Little Book

Best Lottery Books

Pennsylvania Pick 4 Winning Numbers

I saw somebody running ads and collecting money online from people on pick 3 workouts. He at least made some good effort in disclosing that he does not know how to work on pick 4.
I must use this medium to ask him the burning question.
How can you work out winning pick 3 numbers without knowing how to work on pick 4?
Well, let me withdraw the question. I have to do that since I noticed that he gives out a whole bunch of numbers.
I do not know your lottery betting budget.
Pennsylvania pick 4 winning numbers.
You do not need to have a laundry list of numbers to bet on the lottery.
The mastery of lottery game betting accords you the opportunity of participating in any lottery market of your choice.
Pick 4 lottery number winning trends based on manual calculation is the key.
That is the same method used in the best selling lottery book,
Lottery star Book
Pennsylvania pick 4 lottery is currently playing the trend that could put serious money in your pocket.
Let us examine this Pot of Gold.
Pennsylvania pick 4 started this trend by playing the winning number 2400 as 0024 on 2/13/2013. The next PA winning pick 4 number that played from the group did in precisely a ten day anniversary. The winning pick 4 number was 3337 that played on 2/23/2013. This winning pick 4 number pays big money. You will be happy on winning either straight or box on 3337.
Best lottery books will give you avenues to win pick 4 consistently.
The next winning pick 4 in the group that played was 0564 on 2/18/2013.
Too many people are amazed at how I arrive at these winning pick 4 numbers. You will find your answers in the best lottery books.
The trend is good in PA lottery as well as any other lottery market that begins to play the trend.
The part that you have been waiting for is here.
You can of course have the opportunity to access this level of efficacy by collecting the best lottery books through the link below,
The above trend is not yet exhausted.
The next winning pick 4 numbers to come based on the above trend are,
You should always bet above the crowd.
The key to consistent winning is here.
Best lottery books.

Best Lottery Books

Minnesota Daily 3 Winning Numbers

You Deserve a Win!
Minnesota Daily 3 has the best odds out there in the lottery market. You have odds of winning as low as one in ten (1:10). That is unheard of in this day and age.
Manual lottery number calculations based on trends are what you need. You should be able to capture the winning numbers ahead of the crowd.
The best lottery books like,
Lottery Pal
Pick 3, Pick 4 Pro
Have the answer.
The best lottery book is second to none.
I will show you some proof unlike the so called experts out there that make all the big claims. They do not have anything to show for it. I do give winning numbers with actual analysis.
That is the reason why all the predictions I made came through via my website .
You can collect the best lottery books through the link below,
The readers of my books will highly benefit from playing Minnesota Daily 3 and other games.
Let us take a look at some Minnesota winning Daily 3 numbers that played not long ago.
Minnesota Daily 3 played 962 on 1/27/2013.
The trend skipped one day and came back with the winning MN Daily 3 number 528 that played on 1/29/2013. The one day that they skipped might have thrown the bettors who do not apply manual trend calculations off guard.
Their goal is not to make it very easy for you.
The third winning MN Daily 3 number that played was 801.
The three winning Daily 3 numbers 962, 528 and 801 played in less than one week. You could have won on the first and second digit. The bettors who played the back pair will lose.
The reason for that is that the third digit is not actually the number that should be there based on the trend. They are, however, components of the front and middle digits.
You should be able to know when they are altered and follow suit.
There are five winning numbers in this group. I have shown you the three that played already. I will give you the next winning two that are yet to come.
You may find out that the so called experts make claims and do not give you any proof that they understand how to work on the numbers.
The next Minnesota Daily 3 winning numbers based on the trend are 551 and 374. If and when one plays expect the other to play as well.
There is of course one important question I must table at this point.
Are they going to alter the third digits 1 and 7 or any of the other digits?
You should be able to recalculate and follow the trend if and when it is altered. You have at a minimum two digits of each of the two groups that will make good money for you.
The third winning digit is not difficult to get if you understand how they altered the last digits of the three that already played.
That discussion is beyond the scope of this article.
You should consider reading the best lottery books including ,
Lottery Pro Player
Lottery Pal
You can have your collection of the best lottery books through the link below,

Best Lottery Books

Maryland Lottery Winning Numbers
The best lottery books are raising the bar. Lottery winning numbers based on trends are the way to go.
Let us examine some winning lottery numbers from Maryland lottery based on trends.
Maryland lottery started the current trend by playing 284 on 2/3/2013 followed by 659 that played a few days later on 2/8/2013.
The power of manual trend calculation is that it captures the winning numbers regardless of when and how your local lottery drops the numbers. The word drop in this case is lottery jargon.
You can read more on that and others through the top selling lottery book,
Lottery Pocket Book
Maryland lottery came back one week later and played 765 on 2/16/2013.
These winning pick 3 numbers in each case played straight. You must appreciate this level of efficacy because you stand to get about $500 on each $1 straight win.
There are five winning lottery numbers in this group. So far three of them played. It means that the trend is intact. It is not violated.
You should master how to recapture the trend if and when it is violated. You can find more on that by collecting the best lottery books on the planet including the titles,
Lottery Star Book
Lottery Pal
Through the link below,
The above winning numbers based on actual trends dictate that the following winning pick 3 numbers are going to play,
There are three opportunities to make potential huge money with this information.
Maryland lottery will play the above two winning pick 3 numbers.
The numbers could play in your local lottery market. You should endeavor to win the numbers when your state starts playing them.
You might be tempted to ask how?
You are getting a preview to the information.
The third opportunity is that the winning numbers do present more opportunities in every market by employing parlay betting. Parlay betting is discussed in the best lottery books.
Read the best lottery books and find out how you can grow your income exponentially through parlay betting. It gives you the opportunity to win more than your fair share of lottery money consistently.
The key to making big money is through,
The best Lottery Books

Best Lottery Books Winning Numbers

You Deserve a win!
The best lottery books winning numbers could not come at a better time. The bettors who spent a lot of money in recent time are in luck.
We can make that statement because one hundred percent of our predictions played.
Manual lottery number workouts based on trends are the key.
We will delve into it right away.
Virginia lottery pick 3 is playing the trend right after each other.
You should realistically expect the winning numbers to drop in a relatively short period of time.
The trend in question is worked out to encompass your local lottery market.
This means that you can make some money with the winning numbers in your market.
The key of course is patience.
Virginia lottery pick 3 played 633 followed by 158.
The next winning pick 3 lottery numbers based on that trend are 856, 994 and 884.
Dc 3 brought another winning number in the midst.
The fourth winning number in line is 744.
You should consider playing the above four winning lottery pick 3 numbers in your market.
Best lottery books winning numbers are second to none.
It is your time to win some money.
The bettors who want more should visit the website and collect the best lottery books on the planet through the link below,

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Pay Yourself That Much This Year

You Deserve a Win!
I am sure you can make use of an additional six figure income. If you can collect over one hundred thousand dollars this year it would come handy.
You can even give it to the charity of your choice and feel good about it.
If you can win just $1 straight on one pick 3 number every day in fifty lottery markets that would increase the money coming to you by over $109000 this year.
Go and find out why everybody is downloading the most successful free lottery book in the market.
You can get your free copy right now from the link below,
Free Lottery Book
The efficacy of the methods we use is second to none.
You can bet on and win the lottery every single day.
Read the free lottery book and get yourself properly equipped by reading the book,
Pick 3 – Pick 4 Pro : Win Lottery Infinity
All the predictions made through our website played.
You can visit and check out the articles.
The winning lottery numbers you should consider betting on right now are,
256, 267 and 952.
You could make money from those or watch others win.
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