Four Lottery Winnings in Four Days

You can only truly enjoy that many winnings when you have the best tools in your hand.

Lottery Icon is the best of the best.

It produces similar results in nearly every lotto market.

Lottery Icon produced four winning numbers in a period of four days in the Maryland lottery. That level of success is unheard of from all the so called experts out there with their lottery books.

Maryland lottery’s recent trend produced winning pick 3 numbers 618, 437, and 739. The three winning numbers played consecutively in a span of two days, and the fourth played parlay with 323.

All four winning Pick 3 numbers dropped within the first week of March 2016 from Lottery Icon.

You will find the winning numbers in Chapter 6, Process 33, columns G, H and I (page 172) paperback.

The difference between Lottery Icon and other lottery books is that you can go to the above chapter and actually check the winnings numbers against the ones in the book.

The numbers are playing in conjunction with the methods outlined in the book.

I received numerous thank you emails from readers who followed the instructions and won. Some have won several times.

I also got a few emails from people looking for a quick fix.

Study Lottery Icon and start enjoying winnings.

The Best Lottery Book on the planet is without question,

Lottery Icon.

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