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Lottery Icon is the greatest Lottery Book without question.
The book deserves this prestigious title because it delivers consistently.
You can go through the pages with winning lottery numbers against any state, and still come out with numerous winnings.
Take, for example, some recent W. Virginia winning Pick 3 numbers.
Lottery Icon produced winnings to a level that is unheard of. It produced consecutive winnings in 5 straight results.
Let us look at recent W. VA winning Pick 3 numbers against Lottery Icon.
From Super Random Table 1, page 181, columns E, F and G.

Lottery Icon vs W.VA Lottery
427 vs 542 played on 11/28/15
539 vs 351 played on 11/30/15
066 vs 067 played on 12/1/15
502 vs 512 played on 12/2/15
201 vs 121 played on 12/5/15

The entire trend would pay on parlay over the 5 winnings. There is no better way to get money for your holiday shopping, folks.
If you think that the above winnings are impressive, wait until you take a look at Super Random Table 2.
Can you imagine the sections on similar opportunities for Pick 4 and other lotto games?
You do not have to wait until your state starts playing the above trend. You can grab your copy of Lottery Icon and position yourself right for the opportunities that lie ahead.
Get ahead of the curve.
Get your copy of the greatest lottery book and start making serious money.
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