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Winning Lotto Consistently


The ultimate lottery book on the planet doesn’t just give you winnings, but it produces the numbers in the most precise order.

Lottery Icon is the only book out there that is capable of doing that.

It warms my heart to read those thank you notes from readers who followed the instructions and gain good money for their pockets.

I may not be able to meet and shake hands with all of you personally, but my best wishes remain with you.

Let’s take a tiny example from recent Texas lottery winning Pick 3 results against the workouts from Lottery Icon.

Those who have copies of Lottery Icon, go to Tops 1 Table, columns A, B and C on page 121.

Texas lottery Pick 3 winning number was 161 on 10/7/15 exactly as laid out in the book. They skipped one result and played 050 that would have netted some winning in your pocket with 850. You will find it right on top of the 161.

This is a clear confirmation that the trend is in place.

All you need to do is skip one result and bet on the next game. That would have produced another winning in your pocket with 774 that Texas played on 10/8/15.

It won’t be a bad idea to have two winnings in two days.

Wait a minute!

You might think that the winning streak stopped there.

The readers with Lottery Icon that won more than once and wrote to thank me will think otherwise.

The trend continued to produce winnings.

At this point, all you would have to do is skip one more result.

You would have made a lot of money with the winning Texas Pick 3 number 014 that played on 10/9/15.

Out of 5 winning numbers in the ABC column, I told you about 4 winning numbers so far.

Go ahead and look at the 5th winning Pick 3 number.

While you are on page 121, shift to columns H, I and J.

They have just started playing those columns in Texas.

The trend is good for every market.

You can also implement Shadow and Counterpart as discussed in the book to drastically increase your winnings.

Bystanders take note. Be on the watch out and bet on those when your state or country start playing the trend that I discussed.

For the readers who want more, visit page 121 and the rest of the ultimate lottery book, Lottery Icon.

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