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It is no longer a matter of if I do, but, when I win the lottery.
There are more than enough people who dwell in the mighty wish of if they win the lottery.
Henceforth, you are no longer going to be one of the jackpot dreamers because of this ultimate lottery book.
Lottery Icon
Lottery Icon is the key to winning the lotto jackpot.
You are ahead of the crowd because Lottery Icon has the language of lottery.
The methods in Lottery Icon produced three solid winning Pick 4 numbers right after each other. That impressive feat destroys the probability argument of 1:10000 odds of winning.
Please continue reading to see how Lottery Icon captures all the winning lotto numbers.
There is no match to Lottery Icon in the history of betting because the methods outlined in Lottery Icon challenges every lottery convention.
Nearly everything you know about working out winning lotto numbers should be jettisoned.
Every culture embrace you more when you speak their language.
The lotto is no exception.
In the traditional schools you will learn numeric numbers like 1, 2, 3 and so forth.
Every educated reader that sees numbers 42 and 61 recognizes those as numbers forty two and sixty one. They are not going to see or think of other numbers besides forty two and sixty one.
The above two winning lotto numbers does not necessary apply in the game of lotto.
The two numbers are good within the limits of their trend.
The real question is what would happen when one or both winning numbers are altered or replaced entirely? Can one recognize if and when there are changes to the trend and catapult the knowledge to Mega Millions Jackpot as well as other lotto games?
The answer is, absolutely, yes.
I will buttress the above position by giving you actual examples from the ultimate lotto book.
Lottery Icon
Every winning Mega millions number is related to prior winning Mega millions number.
You can comb out consistent winning lotto numbers per column till you work out all required numbers for the jackpot.
You can catch odds of 1:100 or less faster than 1:258 million plus.
The Mega Millions lottery numbers jumped all the way to number 75 recently. In the conventional methods you will be worrying about going through 75 numbers.
Lottery Icon methods will keep all Mega Millions numbers between 1 and 20.
This means that you have reduced the odds from 258 million plus down to less than twenty thousand.
Let us look at some winning Mega Millions numbers through five different results.
Mega Millions Results:
74 played on 11/5/13
42 played on 11/8/13
71 played on 11/12/13
63 played on 11/15/13
63 played on 11/19/13
Lottery Icon is capable of putting the above trend on a platter for the ardent readers who use Lottery Icon.
Go to page 172 and take a look at Process 33 Table of Lottery Icon.
Lottery Icon produced the trend below.
74, 42, 61, 73 and 73.
You will notice that the traditional players will begin to lose from the winning lotto number 71. The actual trend is lotto winning number 61 as against 71.
The 71 as well as 61 is the bridge in the trend. That is when you will position yourself to start going after the jackpot.
Lottery Icon gave you ample opportunity to catch the winning number 63 that played two times.
In lottery language if winning number 61 become 71 in the case of the above winning Mega Millions results, it reasons without question that the winning number 73 will definitely produce 63. it is so impressive that the 63 as well as 73 repeated in both trends.
Let me put the Lottery Icon winning trend alongside that of Mega Millions to show you how impressive Lottery Icon is.

Lottery Icon #      Mega Millions #
74                         74
42                         42
61                         71
73                         63
73                         63

The above is just tip of the iceberg. Go to page 131 of Lottery Icon (paperback) and look at Tops 3 Table and see how the Mega Millions played all the numbers in that trend.
Go to column G and H of the Tops 3 Table and see how Mega Million played all the winning numbers .
Readers with the electronic copy go to your respective pages.
Check Mega Millions results from 2/14/14 thru 2/25/14.
Your time to win the Mega Millions jackpot is now. It is no longer a matter of if you win the lotto but when you win the lotto jackpot.
Readers who chose to seat on the sideline please be patient until the above winning lotto numbers come back and look forward to catching that column towards your six numbers.
Serious lottery bettors please continue to make profitable use of Lottery Icon.
Lottery Icon is the key to consistent lotto jackpot.
Get your copy now.
Learn to speak the language of lottery.
Learn how to win every lottery game in front of you.
The key to the jackpot is here.
Lottery Icon.

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