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Before you entertain any doubt I challenge you to read this book. In fact you can start by reading a good portion of the book free from more than one online platform.
Let me pose the question before I delve further in this article.
How did I get here?
I saw a good number of hard working people lose money from betting on lottery games from a very early age. I was overly concerned on why they bet their hard earned money despite the idea of winning not being on their side.
I decided to embark on the journey of figuring out how the lottery game works.
The journey led to the ultimate lottery book on the planet.
Lottery Icon

I started with the English Fixed Odds. The quest to understand how the lottery game works and in essence break the code led me to different lotto games including the 6/49 and everything in between. It equally took me to different continents where I worked on lottery games for over thirty years.
I got to the point of not worrying about winning but figuring out why and when every lottery number plays. The thrill was to figure out every winning lottery number.
I was driving one day and noticed a vehicle with a special tag number. I plugged the number into one of my methods. It led me to the winning pick 4 number in Maryland. That pick 4 number was 2424.
I went to visit somebody at Mt. Sinai Hospital and decided to plug the name of the facility into one of my methods and lo and behold it led me to the next winning pick 4 number.
The next day I employed a completely different language, not English and it led me to the next winning pick 4 number.
I don’t know about you but a lot of people will be very happy to catch three winning pick 4 lottery numbers right after each other.
The lottery code is broken.
I discovered the language of lottery.
I finally got the answer to the question on how I got here.
How the ultimate lottery book on the planet came to be.
Lottery Icon is the book to have in your library today.
If you doubt me put in some time, read the book and put every page to the test.
The lottery odd is meaningless.
You can continue to dream about winning the lotto including the Mega Millions with odd calculations of over 258 million.
The 258 million plus odds come into play when you are confined within the limits of the everyday convention. That limitation exists when you rely solely on applying the numeric order taught in schools like 123 and so forth.
Those astronomical odds are irrelevant when you apply the methods in Lottery Icon.
It is not of concern when you master the methods that produced three winning pick 4 numbers right after the other.
The 258 million plus odds in the case of Mega Millions is based on numbers 1 through 75.
You will learn how to keep those numbers between 1 and 20.
You will learn how and why every number plays in every lotto game.
You will see why and how every number is related.
It doesn’t matter if you are looking at winning number 2 or 14 or 69.
You will master all of the hidden methods.
You will master how to use any set of numbers and zero in on the winning numbers.
You will see actual proof including a photocopy of lottery tickets that cover day and evening pick 3 games and how to make profitable use of them.
You will master how to use prior results and catch the next winning numbers.
Lottery Icon is a once in a lifetime book.
If you have any doubt ask anybody that reads Lottery Icon.
Get your copy of Lottery Icon.

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