Pick 3 Lottery Winning Formula

Win Pick 3 Lottery

The ultimate Pick 3 lottery formula is the one that can prove without any doubt that the system works like the ones you will find in the best lottery book today, ‘Lottery Icon”.
The winning methods outlined in Lottery Icon cannot be found in any other lottery book. There is no lottery book on the planet that will come close.
I have already received an email recently from a happy reader who won Arizona Pick 3 by following the methods in Lottery Icon. The reader applied the unique methods acquired before going through the rest of Chapter 2 of Lottery Icon.
I will give you actual proof of why Lottery Icon is the best lottery book out there.

Florida Cash 3
Florida Cash 3 has been playing from the methods outlined in Pro Table 5 of Lottery Icon.
Please go to page 87 of the paperback and verify for yourself.
Florida Cash 3 played 522 on 3/11/14 followed by 434 on 3/12/14.
Lottery Icon had the winning Cash 3 numbers 822 followed by 436. The methods in the book would have led you to the winning number 434.
Let us assume that you missed the winning Cash 3 number 434. It would have alerted you at a minimum that the trend is playing. Any scholar who studied the numbers would have won parlay on the 434 as described in Lottery Icon.
The big opportunity is around the corner.
The trend gave you ample opportunity to prepare.
Two days later Florida Cash 3 delivered as promised by the ultimate lottery book, Lottery Icon. The next winning Pick 3 numbers as worked out in the Lottery Icon trend on page 87 (paperback) are 763 and 138.
The fans with the e-book copy go to your respective pages.
Florida Cash 3 played 763 and 381 on 3/14/14.
Florida Cash 3 completed that trend by playing 991 on 3/15/14. The last winning pick 3 number in the Lottery Icon trend was 192 that would have made money for the readers who followed the instructions in the book.
With this one trend Florida fans would have won three out of five at a minimum.
Lottery Icon is capable of delivering consistent winning Pick 3 numbers in every market.
If you think that the above winning Florida Cash 3 numbers are impressive, go to pages 102 and 106 of Lottery Icon and take a look at the Unconventional Table 1 and Unconventional Table 2.
You will be amazed to see that one is playing the midday numbers and that the other one is playing the evening games. It doesn’t get better than that.
You will see the same efficacy in every lottery market. It does not matter which state or country you reside in.
Lottery Icon will deliver like no other.
The readers of this article that do not have their copies of Lottery Icon should get their copies right away in the electronic or paperback format.
Those fans with Lottery Icon continue smiling.
As for those who choose to wait, for now, please look out for the winning Lottery Icon numbers above and catch them when your state begins to play the trend.
You are likely going to come out ahead if you get your copy of lottery Icon sooner.
After all, I received an email from a reader who won before even finishing Chapter 2 of Lottery Icon.
It does not matter if you are betting on Texas lottery Pick 3, Pennsylvania Lottery Daily Number, Ohio Lottery Pick 3, or any other state lottery.
Get your copy of Lottery Icon now and start winning Pick 3 lottery.
Lottery Icon

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