Next Winning Pick 3 Number Actual Proof

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You will find actual proof on page 178 of the new ultimate lottery book,
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Go to page 178 of the book, “Lottery Icon” and take a good look at the actual proof.
You will given the opportunity to enjoy potential BIG winnings.
I did not just display a photocopy of actual lottery tickets, but truly discussed how to make money with them.
I had lottery tickets that covered not just midday but evening lottery number result as well.
I played two tickets to show my readers how to make money with my system. The midday ticket had lottery number 735, while the evening ticket lottery number was 333.
The two tickets were played for Maryland pick 3 lottery on 10/21/13.
Please take a look at the tickets and read page 179 to learn on how to make money with them.
Lottery Icon reveals major winning pick 3 number opportunities.
You will find one example of such opportunity on page 172.
Go to the table and look at columns B, C and D.
Maryland lottery played 460 to cap the month of February 2013 and continued the trend today with winning pick 3 number 253.
The two winning pick 3 numbers are right below each other.
Lottery Icon is the book.
Go to page 172 and consider playing the trend.
Please follow the instructions as laid out in the top selling lottery book,
Lottery Icon.

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