Random Number Puzzle Solved

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Truly questioning the idea behind random numbers is the key to solving the puzzle.
The mystery of random numbers is a popular axiom around every corner because it has not been properly examined.
The fact that random numbers are mysterious to many does not mean that you should kowtow.
The critical question in the puzzle should focus on proper examination of random numbers.
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Tackled the puzzle both in terms of structure and substance.
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Solving the Mathematical Problem.
The standard, numeric thinking that is taught in schools will often result in the same solution when it is used to solve a particular problem by those that mastered it, regardless of who or where they are.
Three different people in three different parts of the world who studied mathematics are likely going to arrive at the same solution to the same problem.
The reason for that is because they studied the same theory.
If they are working on getting winning lottery numbers which are often based on the same numeric thinking that they mastered, they are left with either capturing the winning lottery numbers, or losing the bets entirely.
It is common knowledge by now that most people do not win when they bet. The percentage of bettors who lose money on lottery games is drastically higher than that of those who win.
Could the loss be mitigated if the random number puzzle is solved?
The answer is an unequivocal YES.
You lose the bets because the lottery numbers you are betting on will not favor you when you play based on the numeric order you studied in schools, and the numbers tend to play at what is seen as random.
It would then make sense that the problem could, and would, be solved from the angle of what many understand to be random.
Lottery Icon demonstrated that you could indeed put different sets of numbers together and work out winning lottery numbers.
Lottery Icon tested it in different states and arrived at the winning numbers.
I also put license plate numbers in the midst and arrived at winning numbers.
The method consistently captured winning pick 4 numbers straight.
I also put in names of buildings as well as other languages and also captured winning pick 4 numbers. It produced three winning pick 4 numbers in three days.
That is an impressive feat when you know that a $1 bet winning on pick 4 pays you about $5000.
I went further by assembling a wide array of pick 3, pick 4, match 5, mega millions, and numeric numbers together and produced winning lottery numbers.
You will see this method produce four straight winnings in New York Numbers in four days.
Lottery Icon is the KEY.
I went further still by plugging the same methods into Powerball and produced consistent winnings. You will see the winning lottery numbers well ahead of the game.
This feat is only possible because the stigma when it comes to random numbers was broken.
I have only mentioned a tiny fraction of the methods.
The Random Number puzzle is solved forever. It is, at least in the world of lottery. There is really no other place it matters more than when it comes to winning huge money on small bets.
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