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Best lottery book defies the antiquated theories out there. The best lottery book is one that is capable of challenging the convention.
You will not run short of people telling you that lottery is game of luck.
A lot of people seem to be fine with that because they heard enough people say the same thing. It is self perpetuating which is why many are not bothered when they lose money on lottery bets.
This is real hard earned money in most cases and should be treated as such.
The truth is that lottery is game of skill.
Lottery Icon set out to be the best lottery book ever written by anybody.
Lottery Icon turned every old outdated idea out of the window.
All lottery games can be won consistently including the lotto games regardless of the odds.
The lotto games are likely going to increase the odds which would not help more people win.
I will come back to how you can win lotto more often than most people could ever imagine to be possible.
Let me touch on recent winning Pick 3 number in Maryland that a lot of bettors did not see.
Maryland lottery started the year 2014 with simple Pick 3 numbers that many do not see nor have figured out how to make big money with it.
Maryland lottery played 380 (midday) on 1/1/2014 followed by 314 in the evening result of 1/1/2014.
Pay close attention please
If you subtract the evening winning Pick 3 number 314 from 380 (midday) you will be left with 66 or 066 in pick 3 lottery game.
The next day Maryland played 660 in the midday pick 3.
The 660 that played on 1/2/13 clearly is the difference between 380 and 314 that played one day earlier.
The 660 clearly shows the trend that is forming.
They have already subtracted to get the winning 066 for midday.
Your job will be to do the only simple thing that is left to complete the trend which would be to, of course, ADD.
You will simply do 380 plus 314 so that the sum will be 694.
Can you guess what played in the evening Maryland pick 3 result of 1/2/2014?
Yep, you guessed it right!
The game is simple yet many did not notice it.
This is where the best lottery book do come in.
Lottery Icon is the book that will teach you how to spot the endless opportunities.
You have similar opportunities every day.
You might have missed the last one.
You do not have to miss the next one.
One important tip why you should consider reading Lottery Icon.
If you develop the skill to turn every Pick 3 lottery result into similar trend that produced the above winning Pick 3 numbers 660 and 694.
What if you can spot these opportunities one month ahead?
Lottery Icon is best lottery book you will ever find.
Lottery Icon is the lottery book you need to read while you can.
Find out why everybody wants a copy of the best lottery book in the market.
Find out what separates it from every other lottery book out there.
Win Powerball, Mega Millions and every other lotto game.
You will notice that Mega Millions odds has jumped upwards of 259 million.
It does not matter what odd the lotto game in front of you is.
Lottery Icon defies every lotto odds logic.
There is a new paradigm shift in the world of lottery.
You may not have been winning the lotto for the simple reason that you along with many lotto players bet on the lotto numbers based on predefined ideas.
Those predefined ideas fall under what we call convention.
You work out winning lotto numbers just like your next door neighbor.
Most people get similar numbers and end up losing.
Lottery Icon turned the entire table upside down.
You will find information you have never come across.
You will master how to pick the winning lotto numbers consistent because you will be operating outside the walls.
Begin your journey to consistent lottery big money.
Get your copy of the best lottery book on the planet.
Lottery Icon
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