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The first recipient of this bounty thought that it was not possible. I would not blame him either.
How often do you have the opportunity to enjoy lunch for free?
I told him that the opportunity is there every day.
The same opportunity that you could multiply tenfold by reading the best keno lottery book.
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You might be skeptical too.
The best part of enjoying the free lunch money daily is:
Nearly every lottery betting state out there plays Keno.
You can enjoy the game of Keno in several places.
You can get the same opportunity that is out there.
The winning method.
Go to your local lottery outlet and ask them to print out the results of the last six to ten Keno games.
The keno results come out at about five minute intervals. This means that you can make more money if you understand how.
The method is explained a lot more in the most successful Keno lottery book,
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Once you have the printout of the results, carefully go through them.
You will see winning numbers that appeared three times or more.
Select those winning numbers.
I prefer betting on four or seven numbers.
Consider playing those winning keno lottery numbers over the next five games.
If you are in doubt, take the printout home and check it later with the results that played within a reasonable time since your printout.
You will be amazed at how often the numbers play.
The friend who followed this advice won on two different days.
He actually wagered two dollars to cover two games and won $15.
The second time he bet four dollars and won 15.
This person does not like spending money.
You must, of course, bet within your budget.
The other money he left on the table.
The second game he bet on actually played Bonus ten times (10X).
He would have won $150 if he had spent an extra $1.
The $150 might be too small for you.
It is not too bad for lunch money either.
You should think of graduating from lunch.
You should be here for more than lunch.
That is where the best Keno lottery book comes in.
You will have an idea of which winning numbers to bet on. You should know how to maximize your winnings. You will see the winning Keno numbers that played in Massachusetts carefully worked out. You will see the same winning numbers tested in other markets.
You will have access to the winning Keno numbers that could make you rich.
There is nothing wrong in you winning $150000 or more in a relatively short period of time.
You have every tool to do that within your reach.
The means is very inexpensive.
You can do that today.
Your winning Keno lottery numbers are within your reach.
Grab the best selling Keno lottery book and start winning today.
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