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Maryland Lottery Winning Numbers
The best lottery books are raising the bar. Lottery winning numbers based on trends are the way to go.
Let us examine some winning lottery numbers from Maryland lottery based on trends.
Maryland lottery started the current trend by playing 284 on 2/3/2013 followed by 659 that played a few days later on 2/8/2013.
The power of manual trend calculation is that it captures the winning numbers regardless of when and how your local lottery drops the numbers. The word drop in this case is lottery jargon.
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Maryland lottery came back one week later and played 765 on 2/16/2013.
These winning pick 3 numbers in each case played straight. You must appreciate this level of efficacy because you stand to get about $500 on each $1 straight win.
There are five winning lottery numbers in this group. So far three of them played. It means that the trend is intact. It is not violated.
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The above winning numbers based on actual trends dictate that the following winning pick 3 numbers are going to play,
There are three opportunities to make potential huge money with this information.
Maryland lottery will play the above two winning pick 3 numbers.
The numbers could play in your local lottery market. You should endeavor to win the numbers when your state starts playing them.
You might be tempted to ask how?
You are getting a preview to the information.
The third opportunity is that the winning numbers do present more opportunities in every market by employing parlay betting. Parlay betting is discussed in the best lottery books.
Read the best lottery books and find out how you can grow your income exponentially through parlay betting. It gives you the opportunity to win more than your fair share of lottery money consistently.
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