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Minnesota Daily 3 has the best odds out there in the lottery market. You have odds of winning as low as one in ten (1:10). That is unheard of in this day and age.
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Let us take a look at some Minnesota winning Daily 3 numbers that played not long ago.
Minnesota Daily 3 played 962 on 1/27/2013.
The trend skipped one day and came back with the winning MN Daily 3 number 528 that played on 1/29/2013. The one day that they skipped might have thrown the bettors who do not apply manual trend calculations off guard.
Their goal is not to make it very easy for you.
The third winning MN Daily 3 number that played was 801.
The three winning Daily 3 numbers 962, 528 and 801 played in less than one week. You could have won on the first and second digit. The bettors who played the back pair will lose.
The reason for that is that the third digit is not actually the number that should be there based on the trend. They are, however, components of the front and middle digits.
You should be able to know when they are altered and follow suit.
There are five winning numbers in this group. I have shown you the three that played already. I will give you the next winning two that are yet to come.
You may find out that the so called experts make claims and do not give you any proof that they understand how to work on the numbers.
The next Minnesota Daily 3 winning numbers based on the trend are 551 and 374. If and when one plays expect the other to play as well.
There is of course one important question I must table at this point.
Are they going to alter the third digits 1 and 7 or any of the other digits?
You should be able to recalculate and follow the trend if and when it is altered. You have at a minimum two digits of each of the two groups that will make good money for you.
The third winning digit is not difficult to get if you understand how they altered the last digits of the three that already played.
That discussion is beyond the scope of this article.
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