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In this article you will learn how to become one of the best lottery players in the world by using the same methods that make money consistently.
The primary key to winning lottery is by using trends. So many bettors out there seem to go by every other reason other than applying the proven formula that works.
Lottery Trend method is following patterns based on history that works.
A good example could be set by looking at simple pick 3 set of winning numbers like,
You can easily identify the above trend since the numbers are in simple numeric order. The above group of numbers fall under what we call difference one methods.
You will be amazed to know that so many bettors either over look or under appreciate the difference one groups.
In the above trend if winning pick 3 number 123 play followed by 456 the next likely winning number to follow would be 789 or 890. You may wonder how we arrived at the winning number 890 since I did not mention it earlier.
The complete number order for the pick 3 lotto is,
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0.
If you count sets of pick 3 from the other direction you would get 098 or 890 as the case may be.
The typical lottery bettor is engineered to go with the 789 based on the 123 and 456 trend. The reality is that the trend could follow either direction.
The more difficult aspect for many is using this simple method to work out consistent winning lottery numbers when the trend seems more complicated.
One instance of a more complicated group will be like 519, 698 and the rest of the winning numbers in that group.
Please pay close attention through the rest of this article.
The solution to winning the complicated lottery numbers is around the corner.
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Solution to winning consistently.
As I stated earlier , there are methods to winning consistently.
The winning number 519 and 698 are the beginning of a trend.
How do you identify and make use of the rest of the group?
I will give you the rest of the trend with a detailed explanation on how to use it.
The next article titled,
Best Lottery Players ,
Will give you all the details.
You will have the winning numbers in your palm.
You will see how those numbers won.
You can apply the same methods in your local lottery market.
You can win more than your share of the lottery money
The best lottery players are doing it
You can join the winning team
Please read the next article,
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