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Best lottery book secret is the ability to consistently generate winning lottery numbers.
Making steady money through the lottery is never meant to be a cake walk.
The ingredient that separates us from the crowd is the ability to work out the winning numbers. We accomplish this because we understand how to do it like no other.
We let our winning numbers do the talking.
A look at the current Maryland lottery winning numbers will give you a glimpse.
In the last two days Maryland lottery played 462, 948 and 254.
The best lottery books manual calculations based on trends will clearly show you the missing number.
That is where the money is.
The actual trend is as follows,


The winning pick 3 number 254 is not part of the trend but placed in there as a decoy. The enormous opportunity here is that the group is playing straight. That is potentially a huge payout.
Another look at the above trend will show you that 671 is yet to play.
The 671 is where the money is.
The interesting questions become when and how they are going to play the number.
One of the biggest tools you could employ is by applying the parlay methods as described in the best lottery books,

Lottery Pro Player
Pick 3 – Pick 4 Pro

You can find the two books through Amazon, Smashwords and other retail outlets.
The money is waiting for you.
You can test the above trend through any past lottery results.
If you are in doubt on how we became the best , test the above trend through the lottery results of any market. You can back test them through the last one hundred years. The result will be consistent.
That is a feat no other so called experts can make.
There must be a reason why nearly all our fans collect all our books.
You can join the consistent winners today.
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