Lottery Winning Secret Formula

You Deserve a Win!
There is a secret to winning lottery contrary to popular belief. The secret formula works in every lotto market.
Please pay very close attention from this point on because this article will give you the secret formula that will generate the most consistent money in your pocket.
There are ample number of bettors who do not win. There are those that do win on consistent bases. This article will put you in the winning column.
One of the things you need to get out of the way is the notion of just betting based on luck. I will not by any means question the possibility of luck when it comes to playing the lottery. I will, however, take the position that wagering on lottery based only on luck is actually accepting a loss before you actually embark on the game.
Another important element of mitigating loss when it comes to playing lottery is by having the discipline of not chasing the lottery numbers.
You do not want to fall into the trap of chasing the numbers. The outcome of chasing winning numbers often leads to compulsion. I remember somebody that used to bet incessantly a while back. The common language of those who chase the numbers goes like this;
Oh I missed it by one number!
They will immediately begin to get ready to play the next game. Most lottery markets now draw twice a day. The habit could become expensive over time.
You can avoid being among the bettors who do not win by using lottery winning secret formula.
Lottery Winning Secret Formula
The key to the winning lotto method is TREND.
Let us examine lottery trend and give you actual examples of when and how to use it.
The free dictionary defines trend as the general direction in which something tends to move.
The above definition in simple lottery language means pattern.
An example of pick 3 lottery number trend for instance will be;
In the above trend if pick 3 number 123 play followed by 456, the next potential winning pick 3 number based on the trend will be 789.
The trend does appear complicated to those who chase lottery numbers. You do not win in the long run when you chase the numbers. You in fact run the risk of compulsion.
One other important tool the bettors who win use is patience. The patience makes you a careful observer. Being a careful observer enables you to actually study, identify and win consistently based on trend.
Winning lottery Numbers.
The lottery trend when properly worked out works in every lottery market including yours.
The lottery trends are groups of winning lottery numbers that move in tandem. The realization of the fact that they exhibit similar behavior is your path to making big money.
Let us take a look at some trend that you could use to make money when you play as a patient bettor. I said that because it works in every lottery market.
The winning pick 3 numbers in the trend are 549, 914, 805 and 329.
As I stated earlier the winning pick 3 numbers in any group exhibit similar behavior.

Maryland Lottery
The winning numbers in the above was played by Maryland lottery starting with 194 and 594 on 6/23/2011. One day later they completed the trend by playing 329 and 805 on 6/24/2011. You can see that the four winning pick 3 numbers played right after each other in a span of two days.
The patient bettor who followed the trend would win at least one of those. The potential payout is about $500 on every $1 bet won. The payout does indeed justify the patience and mastery of lottery trend calculations.
Now let us examine the same group with another state.

South Carolina Lottery
South Carolina played the same group of winning pick 3 numbers in that same year, 2011. South Carolina lottery started the same trend by playing 941 on 1/19/2011. The next winning pick 3 number among the group that played was 329 on 4/19/2011. You can see that the two winning pick 3 numbers played exactly three months apart. They played on the 19th of their respective months.
You will be amazed on what manual lottery trend calculations can do.
The trend continued by playing 580 on 7/17/2011 and 549 on 10/19/2011 to complete the trend.
You can clearly see that all four winning numbers in the group played exactly three months apart.
This is what we call precision forecasting.
The mastery of manual lottery trend calculations present the opportunity of winning nearly every day.
The potential is endless.
You can begin to embark on this rich journey by studying and using the right tools. Learn to do lottery trend manual calculations and above all exercise patience.
The reward is worth the effort.
It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint.

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