Lottery Best Books Formula

You Deserve a Win!
Lottery best books formula must recognize the fact that you bet on lotto games with hard earned money.
You should wager only when the game is in your favor. The best lottery books must be capable of producing consistent winning numbers.

The books that will help you get there are,
Lottery Pro Player
Lottery Star book
Lottery Pocket Book
Fantasy 5 Formula

The methods applied must be proven.
You might have noticed that a lot of so called authors and websites spend their time giving sales pitch with no proof to the efficacy of their methods.
I have ample records that you could rely on.
You will notice that the predictions I made all played.
In one of the articles I wrote on 3/15/2012 titled,
The Best lottery Books Win Consistently
I gave the readers winning pick 3 numbers that I worked out based on trends.
The numbers are 549, 914, 805 and 329.
The pick 3 numbers above belong to the same trend. The group played right after each other in Maryland in a space of two days.
You will see the same trend in action recently in Washington DC pick 3 results in the middle of April when they played 549 on 4/16/2012 and 850 on 4/17/2012.
You will notice that 841 started the trend this time around instead 941.
The real questions now becomes,
Why did they play 841 instead of 941?
Did 841 actually play in place of 941?
If it did how would it affect the remainder of the trends?
Are the other half of the group; 941 and 329 going to play and when?
The best lottery books has the answers to the above questions.

All lottery winning numbers must follow trends.
The best lottery books have manually worked out lottery trends.
You can embark on studying lottery trends because it is very profitable. You should be able to get a good grasp of it in about seven (7) years.
The quicker route will be to collect the best lottery books, follow the instructions and start winning money right away.
The readers who followed the instructions are winning.
It is about time you start making lottery money.
The books that will help you get there are,
Lottery Pro Player
Lottery Star book
Lottery Pocket Book
Fantasy 5 Formula
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It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint.

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