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Best selling lottery books are capable of producing consistent winning lottery numbers. You will get the same advantage regardless of the lottery game you are betting on.
I demonstrated the efficacy of the methods we use in the blogs. We predicted pick 3 lottery numbers that would play on three different occasions. The numbers started playing from the same day. This feat is possible because of manual lottery trend calculations.
In the last article on pick 3 we predicted 444 for all our readers and the number played. That 444 pays about $500 for every $1 bet won.
You can enjoy this type of winnings on a more consistent basis. You can start doing that by collection the following best selling lottery books,

Lottery Pal
Lottery Star Book
Lottery Pocket Book

Lottery Pal is your friends when it comes to winning lottery numbers.
You can continue playing the winning numbers we predict here. The difference is that the numbers here are not state specific. This means that it could play in your local lottery market or in the next state.
The books, however, are worked out to give you winning lotto numbers on daily basis.
Let us assume that you won the 444.
The readers who did not win on that should not worry too much. All hope is not lost.
The next winning numbers you should start playing are 888 and 789.
The two winning pick 3 numbers are manually worked out based on the Ohio lottery current trend. That information is for those who choose to study trends.
Your concern should be to wonder if the two winning pick 3 numbers are going to play in Ohio or another state as well as when they are going to play.
The books are designed to save you the trouble.
The opportunities to win in every market is available every single day.
You don’t have to miss winning pick 4 as well as pick 5.
The best selling lottery books will get you there.
You can study and begin to play the above two winning pick 3 numbers.
You can collect the books and look forward to winning your share of the lottery money today.

Lottery Pal
Lottery Star Book
Lottery Pocket Book

Your Time Is Now.

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